I’ve Given Up and Joined In

That’s right. I’ve fought the blogging craze for so long, but finally I gave up. I realized that spending endless hours blogging and posting on facebook and myspace is somewhat worthless and I might as well start my own bona-fide blog.

I spent hours yesterday trying to come up with a name. I looked up so many phrases in Latin I started to get woozy and at one point started questioning the reason for my very existence. “How do I describe all of my life and who I am in no more than three simple yet catchy words?” Anyways, Rugged Joy is what I’ve come up with. It’s a phrase borrowed from Dr. John Piper himself from his book, When I Don’t Desire God. He writes,

“One of the reasons that today in the Western church our joy is so fragile and thin is that this truth is so little understood—the truth, namely, that eternal life is laid hold of only by a persevering fight for the joy of faith. Joy will not be rugged and durable and deep through suffering where there is not resolve to fight for it. But today, by and large, there is a devil-may-care, cavalier, superficial attitude toward the ongoing, daily intensity of personal joy in Christ, because people do not believe that their eternal life depends on it” (When I Don’t Desire God, 37).

So all that to say, welcome, thanks for visiting, and come back again!


10 thoughts on “I’ve Given Up and Joined In

  1. B-

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. I’m glad you went with WordPress–good call. I’d also have to say that your search for a title ended successfully. Looking forward to more Rugged Joy-


  2. Hello Ms. Beth,

    I see that Rora made it on your pics but for some reason I was not so I am going to send you a picture of me and you via email to put on your page. Well I miss you and love you. I like that I can keep updated on your life.


  3. Hi Beth,

    Awesome Blog. Thanks for including us. It is great to see what is happening in your life. We are starting soccer season here and getting ready for “the clan” to come visit us for the month of June.

    Chris and Jen

  4. Beth! Welcome to whatever in the world the blogworld is. I think that future generations will dig up our culture and laugh at us because of things like this (actually I know they will), but perhaps we can redeem the craziness for Christ if we work hard enough at it. I know you will.

  5. I have never been happier than I am right now. I feel like my life has just been made complete. I nominate myself to be president for your fan club. I am working on the t-shirts and buttons now.

  6. Have you ever seen the SNL skit (TV funhouse) about the Disney vault? There is the funniest line in there that makes me laugh everytime I think of it… they come up with a new disney movie: Jungle Book 3.0: JUNGLE BLOG… I wish you had named your blog that =(. Then again, I am glad you didn’t, because, if I ever have a blog, that is what I will name mine.

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