Research papers, (red) parties, and rest

So this weekend my life was dedicated to one thing: finishing a research paper for my Essential Qualities of the Biblical Counselor class. I decided to write the paper on Identity in Christ which proved to be a much bigger topic than I had originally thought. I chose 11 different maxims to discuss and prove from Scripture. The first three were a look at the believer before Christ- we are created in God’s image, we are worshippers (and will worship something whether or not it is the true God), and we were dead in our sins. The next three were a look at those things which don’t change at conversion- we were and are helpless, weak, foolish, and needy, we were and are loved by God, and we were and are known by God. Then the last five were specific to our identity in Christ- we are free in Christ (from sin, the law, for the purpose of serving others in love), united with Christ, not our own (we were bought with a price, and though salvation is free it costs us everything), uniquely gifted, and lastly we are not what we were and not what we will be. I tell you what, each of those topics individually could have been a paper in and of itself. I look forward to studying more on the topic and how it relates to practical Christian living.

I did take one short commercial break from researching and writing for a little get together that my roommate put together at our place. The purpose was to celebrate the “red moon” that was supposed to happen Saturday night, but didn’t. But it was still a fun time to be with some great people and play a fun game. If you’ve never heard of a game called Loaded Questions….go buy it. It’s marvelous.

And finally last night I was able to rest. I just have to say that God has blessed me greatly with the girls I live with. I was so excited to get to go home last night – as tired and drained as I was – and spend time with my roommate Esther. We got some golden spoon, warm blankets, and bundled up on the couch to watch some TV and let our minds rest. It was the perfect night.


One thought on “Research papers, (red) parties, and rest

  1. Hey…would you mind sending me a copy of your paper for my records? It sounds like a great resource. I am so glad that paper is done and out of the way though…

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