Not a bad weekend

If any of you know my dad- he is a man’s man. A corporate working-sports watching-lowered truck driving-steak eating- man’s man. So this weekend he came to visit me since he couldn’t make it down for my birthday in January. Here is what we did on Saturday: we had breakfast at Egg Plantation, went to the mall to get chair massages, both bought new pairs of sunglasses, and got manicures and pedicures. Oh I only wish I had pictures. He is a good dad.

 In other news…I was shopping at the Grove yesterday with my dear friend Emily when we saw Eric Bancroft, the high school pastor at Grace. So we stopped to chat with him, and low and behold who was Eric at the Grove with? Al Mohler. That’s right. So we got to meet Al and chat for a few before we went on our way. I felt a little light-headed afterwards.

Finally Emily and I ended up at Nordstrom to get new makeup. The nice man who was helping me complained that he needed to find a ride home when he was ringing me up, so I gladly offered. After finding out that we had come to the Grove straight from church that morning, he told us his entire life story on the ride home. It was interesting and a sad testimony to the way he has been treated by Christians. I was convicted and humlbed at how quickly I tend to forget what a great sinner I am and encouraged to make my love – for believers, unbelievers, whoever- genuine, sincere, and longsuffering. A lesson I greatly needed. So after dropping our new friend off in Korea town in Hollywood- we headed home.

Not a bad weekend if you ask me.


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