Albania or Bust!

So for those of you who don’t know (which is a lot of you), I am headed to Albania this summer on a missions trip through Grace Community! It originally started as a trip for our Bible study to go on, but has opened up to include other members as well. I am really excited about it and this is why:

1) Is there anything better than the fellowship of believers? Seriously, that’s why I wanted to go. When I thought, I can serve alongside members of my bible study in a different country, there was no question in my mind whether or not to go. I said, sign me up! It’s exciting to know that I will spend countless hours flying, traveling, serving, talking, sleeping, sharing, and sinning with these people. It will be messy. We won’t do it perfectly. But I believe our hearts will be knit together and we will love each other deeply by the end of the trip. I’m excited to see that come to fruition.

2) Friendship evangelism. Frankly, it scares me a ton. But this year God has put me in a different place in life where I think and pray and struggle through evangelism frequently. Working in a secular work environment means I come face to face with how to share the gospel- DAILY. Through my life, work, example, and words. I am excited to get to share the gospel overseas which will help train me as I seek to share the gospel here in the US of A as well.

3) Teaching. I love it. I can’t wait to teach ESL classes.

4) The glory of God. Lately I have been completely caught up in the truth that I can do nothing to be more or less approved by God. Going on this trip doesn’t make me more holy or righteous or spiritual, because all of my righteousness if found in Christ. I already have the maximum amount of righteousness one can obtain. This truth frees me to serve God out of my love for Him, and gratefulness to Him, for His glory alone!

5) Who doesn’t love other cultures? I love learning about other places and people. It’s fascinating.

So all that to say, I am excited. Please be praying for our trip, and if you want more information we just started a blog the other day called Albania Here We Come, so check it out.


One thought on “Albania or Bust!

  1. i can’t wait for you to be a part of the ministry there. the next i see you i’ll bring along some pictures to show you what you can be looking forward to!

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