Renewed Hope

Yeah I bet you thought this was going to be spiritual. Prepare to be dissapointed if that was your expectation. Saturday night was officially (Lord willing) Cindi‘s last night as a childless woman. Her and Gunner leave next Saturday for Uganda to pick up their beautiful little boy, Judah! So her and I celebrated by going out to Maggiano’s, shopping, and hot tubbing.

I have to be honest. It seems like everyone loves Maggiano’s…but I haven’t been too impressed. I feel bad when people suggest it with so much excitement, and I feel blah about it. And when someone says, “Oh my gosh I LOVE Maggiano’s, it is my favorite restaraunt…don’t you love it?!” Who wants to say, “Not really.” So just when I was about to give up on the place, Cindi promised to show me why Maggiano’s really is good. (I feel like Maggiano’s should give her a cut of the profit from our meal.) And thanks to her my hope has been renewed. As you can see…my plate was clean.



Please be praying for them as they leave for Uganda this week that the Lord would turn the judge’s heart so that they would be able to bring Judah home quickly, for safety, and for courage and grace and strength as they start this new season of their life.


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