Big Hit

The weekend turned out to be a big success. Wicked was far better than I had even imagined! If you haven’t seen it– go. It’s amay-sing.

On Friday it was rainy in Marina del Rey (where my mom, sister, and I were staying for the weekend) so we spent the morning at Home Goods! Who doesn’t love that store? Then we drove up to Santa Monica just in time for the sun to come out! We shopped around Third Street and hit up the crepe shop, then headed to Malibu for some fun on the beach. We went to Duke’s for dinner (another spot which was better than I imagined) and got to see the sun set over the water. Beautiful. Saturday morning we woke up and didn’t have a plan for the day, but after my sister caught her reflection in the mirror and realized she was wearing a Disneyland shirt, she announced that she wanted to head to the happiest place on earth (and I don’t mean Hotchkiss). So around noon we strolled into Disneyland.

What was fun about being with my mom and sister is we got to do some of the dumbest things D-Land has to offer such as: the Hillbilly show at the Golden Horshoe, the Kayaks around Tom Sawyer’s island, the Princess fair/show, and riding the train around the park. Usually when I go it’s all about getting the fast passes and getting on as many of the good rides as possible– but not this time. We did get to go on all the great rides, we just did it in far more time than I usually do and got to do a lot of other stuff too. It made Disneyland more fun to be at for a longer period of time, if that makes sense. It was also fun to people watch there. There were two things I especially liked about the people at Disneyland: 1) There were so many different types of people! All different colors and classes and styles and shapes. I was reminded of how little diversity there is in Stevenson Ranch. 2) There were so many oddly matched couples. My sister noticed it too, and we both really liked it. It was refreshing to see different races together, different shapes and heights of people together, different looks and styles together. Not everyone looked the same and looked like brother and sister.

Then we drove back to the S.C. last night and headed to bed. I was one tired panda. Then this morning we grabbed brunch before they headed back to San Fran. It was fun to have them here although I did accidentaly take a 3 hour nap this afternoon. Apparently I had little too much fun. Pics to come…


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