The Simple Life

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of wishing that my life was a lot simpler. Yesterday as I was talking with my friend at work, I realized what an American I have become. Hurried, stressed out, rushed, and impatient. I hate it. I really can’t tell you how much I hate it. Yet I know that life isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. So I want to learn to live simply, contentedly, patiently, and graciously with the life that I have. At this point I don’t think packing up and moving to Italy where I can have a siesta everyday is feasable.

So the question is, how do I slow down and live simply when I am being pulled in so many different directions (and all good things) all the time? Any thoughts, questions, comments, concerns would be greatly appreciated!


3 thoughts on “The Simple Life

  1. umm…the best advice i received in the last 2 months was to just go out for a walk at night, look up at the stars and remember how small you really are in comparison to the vastness of God!

    umm…another one i had to remember was to laugh really hard, it may not be as often as you’d like, but when you do, laugh really hard!

    umm…i usually call someone i haven’t heard from in a long while, outside of my current circle and just talk with them or just to listen to them

    umm…hanging out with older people is always a sure bet to slow down – usually, they have it a little more figured out than i do

    umm…maybe say no to some of those things.

    umm…take a nap…if you can’t or don’t have time…then force yourself to do it!

    that’s it for now…i don’t know if these’ll work but just as i’ve thought about it…that’s what came to mind! hope you slow down and live simply.

  2. beth, i would LOVE to know how to slow down and live simply, too! a family that i lived with this summer in lebanon lived simply – they just didn’t have much stuff. they did pretty much the same thing every day, but they were so joyful and so content and so excited with life! i want to be like that – excited and content. and joyful. 🙂

  3. I read a great book by Donal Whitney called “Simplify Your Spiritual life.” Good book. But something that stuck with me has been his statement, “Simplifying your life is not about doing less things, but about doing the right things.” Even in a vastly different country and culture there is still the struggle….let me know somehow if you find out more!

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