When the Weather’s Fine

“…she’s just waiting for the summertime, when the weather’s fine….” -Jack Johnson

I must say that there is something about driving with the windows down in the summertime with Jack Johnson blaring from the stereo that calms my soul. Yesterday in class I was reminded of the need to rest and relax. So while I had papers and finals awaiting me when I got home, I rolled down the windows and blared the 4th Edition of the Hotchkiss Starlet CD and just let myself relax as I drove up Lyon’s Avenue. Those were 10 precious minutes in my life.

This morning I did the same thing on my way to work. Although a day of meaninglessness awaited me, I had 15 minutes to enjoy the morning and sunshine and fresh air before walking into my hole.

I think I am gonna make this my goal (among others) for the summer: drive with the windows down, blaring feel-good music, and let myself relax in my car.

It’s a vast improvement on my goal for last summer: get as tan as I had ever been in my entire existence.

*This post may seem odd after what I posted yesterday. Let me say that the difference is in my attitude. It is the difference between focusing on circumstances with no thought of the eternal in mind versus enjoying the world God has given us for His honor and glory. If we are commanded to eat and drink to the glory of God, then certainly something as mundane as driving to and from class and work ought to be used for the glory of God. To enjoy His creation and good gifts to us is one of many ways to glorify God throughout the day.


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