I would just like to retract my summer goal from yesterday. It was a horrible idea for two reasons:

1) I forgot, until yesterday, how rediculously hot it gets in the summer! And driving with your windows rolled down and 96 degree wind slapping you in the face is NOT pleasant. Thanks 96 degree weather at 6:30 pm last night, for reminding me of that.

2) Last night I was on my way to a birthday party. I hadn’t planned to attend because I had previously plans to go see Wicked with Esther, but that ended up being pushed back to a later date, so I went to the birthday party. On my way I stopped at the store to pick up a balloon and card for the birthday boy. So I got back in my car and off I went. As I was driving I remembered my goal, so I opened up the sun roof. Oopie! The balloon got sucked right out and ended up getting stuck underneath the car behind me– the police car behind me, that is. So the cop started to pull over when the balloon magically got un-stuck from underneath his car at which point his lights turned on and he pulled me over. Here’s how the conversation went from then on:

Officer: What was that?
Me: A balloon.
Officer: I know that, but why did you throw it out of your car?
Me: Well, officer, I thought it was attached to this but apparently it wasn’t so when I opened my sunroof it flew right out. I am so sorry. I really didn’t intend for it to fly out of my car. I am really sorry.
Officer: Okay, I just wanted to make sure you wouldn’t do something like litter.
Me: Oh no, officer, I would never do something like that.
Officer: Alright have a good night.
Me: Thanks.

Apparently windows down and the sunroof open isn’t working out too well. Time for a new goal.


4 thoughts on “Retraction!

  1. The police man did not give the balloon back, nor did it pop. It just flew away once it got unlodged from under his car. And I arrived at the party empty handed, but with a good story to tell.

  2. The adventures of Beth…I am still laughing as I write this. I wish I could have been in the car to see your reaction as the balloon slipped out…and then your other reaction once you looked in the mirror to see the po-po behind you. This is classic and I love it! 🙂

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