The Big Move

So this weekend was full of one thing I despise more than most things on this earth: packing. Why do I hate packing? Probably because it makes me think in a way that I don’t like to. I like to dream, envision, imagine. Packing requires detail, analytical thought, and practicality. Not my cup of tea.

But all that to say that I am moving all my stuff this Saturday in a nice, big, luxurious…storage unit! I’ll stick around for church on Sunday, then trek to Cambria with my mom for a day to relax at the beach. On Tuesday we’ll drive home and I’ll have 3 or 4 weeks at my parent’s house in Pleasanton. Why, you ask? That’s a great question….

I’ve been a temp for the last seven months at a company called Advanced Bionics and I had to tell them in March whether or not I wanted to extend my contract. I declined. So my last day here is Friday, May 25th. During that same time, one of my roommates got married, the other accepted a job at Master’s as an RD so she will be living on campus, and our landlord decided to move back to California into his condo.

So, this leaves me jobless and homeless as of Friday. And I mean that in the best way possible. It works out well for a few reasons. First, it gives me some time with my family who I have missed dearly and I am excited to be with them again. Second, it allows me a place to live without paying rent while I am looking for a new job and it means I don’t have to pay rent while I am in Albania in June and July.

I do have a group of girls I am planning on living with once they move here in August, but we don’t have an actual place to live. So I am moving my stuff into a storage unit and I will move it into a to-be-known-at-a-future-date apartment in August. And I do have several interviews this week but no techincal job. And I do serve a very powerful and good God, so in my moments of greatest faith, I am not afraid of the future. That’s when my faith is strong.

In my weakest moments I battle against my flesh. I really want to have a place to nest myself, so I fight with myself that this world isn’t my home. I really want to have a job, but I also really want to have a break, so I fight against my laziness and also my pride all that the same time. I realize that what I am doing is not what I want to be doing at all, so I fight with discontentment in various areas. Then I realize that going home for an extended period of time means I am gonna be really lonely but also with my family and I realize the challenges and I fight against wanting comfort and ease. Staying down in Santa Clarita would have different challenges so I fight against wanting comfort and ease in moving home. I remember that I don’t have a job or a home and I get very anxious so I fight anxiety and a need for control. That’s when my faith is weak.

So, there’s a lot of answers to a lot of questions that I have been getting recently. Now you know my plan and how you can pray for me if you think of it.

And I’m sure in the next few months you can expect a lot of posts about how God has come through in the clutch, surprised and rebuked me by His grace, and abundantly provided for me in this uncertain time. I don’t see those things yet, but I am sure they are coming.


3 thoughts on “The Big Move

  1. Herro? Last day is today???? WHHHHAAAATTTTT!!!!!

    I have to say that last days are fun. Enjoy your summer and Albania. Cory and I are looking forward to the housewarming party!!!!


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