Home Again

Let’s just say Friday feels like forever ago. It was a jam packed weekend. Friday was my last day at work, Friday night was a junior high girls slumber party, then Saturday was moving day. Once again I felt blessed by my Bible study as some of my friends from the study came over to help and one of our under shepherd’s lent us his truck. There’s no way I could have done it without them.

Here’s Bart and Ben moving my huge armoire…that thing is really heavy….bart-ben-moving.jpg

And here I am as the reality of leaving the dream of the Ranch House hit me….


We got everything moved out and cleaned up (with the help of Maid for You!) and Sunday my mom and I left for Cambria. I spent Memorial day hiking and flying kites with my cousins. Here’s my cousin Jeff and his son, Logan…


After the kids had gone to bed, my mom and I went up to the cemetery where my Grandma was buried. It was my first time up there since her burial my junior year of high school. It was interesting, because generally I really enjoy cemeteries. Weird, I know, but I find them sobering and fascinating all at the same time. But this visit was different. This is the first time I have looked at a gravestone and seen more than just dates.


I knelt down to my Grandma’s grave and cleared off some of the weeds that had grown. And as I stared at the gravestone tears started pouring down my cheeks (I know– not surprising.) But I stared at it and thought of her smile and her laugh and how much I miss her, even now. I felt like I should have all these profound thoughts about death and living…but really I just missed her. So my mom and I stood there for awhile and remembered her. It was a really sweet time. I really loved my Grandma. I am a lot like her, actually.

Finally we drove back to Pleasanton. Almost as soon as I got into town my sister called me and said she had a break so I drove over to her salon and we ate watermelon on the porch.


It’s good to be home. Hopefully it will serve as a much needed break. If you think of it, please pray for clarity and guidance while I am here. I really don’t want to waste this time but want to use it to soak up time with my family and spend ridiculous amounts of time in God’s Word. I also have some big decisions to make, especially regarding work. If only God would write on the wall…..


3 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. beth!!! i miss you! ab definitely is not the same. i’m so sorry i didn’t say goodbye on friday. do you know if you’ll be able to post on what’s going on in albania while you’re there?

  2. I love your blog! Your thoughts of Grama were precious. I was thinking after I read about your visit to the cemetary, that right next to Gramas is your Grandpas. A wonderful man that you never met. You would have loved him too. He was so kind hearted and reached out to others in need. Oh how proud he would be of you! It makes me sad to think that he died so young(55) and never had the chance to meet the other 8 grandchildren he had. Some day you will meet him…that gives me comfort.
    Today is the 28th anniversary of his home going.

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