Why I Loved the Ranch

I’m sitting here watching Pursuit of Happyness and it makes me think of my old roommate, Esther Ko. This year I had the privilege of living with two amazing women. Honestly, there were so many times that I thought: this is what life should be. When I think of being young and single, living in at the Ranch House was exactly what I envisioned it would be. For those of you who didn’t have the privilege of living with us, this is what I miss about living with those girls:

1. Late night talks. It was inevitable. If two or more of us were home, we were congregated somewhere. Usually the only time we were all home together was late at night. Sometimes it was in the kitchen as all of us snacked late at night. Sometimes it was on the floor in Esther or Kathy’s rooms. Sometimes it was in the living room as two of us sat on the couch on one in the big comfy chair. But guaranteed if we were there, we were usually together.

2. Laughing together. Perhaps it was the seriousness of Kathy’s job, the frustration of Esther’s, and the boredom of mine, but we all got very silly together. We shared so many laughs. I will miss giggling with Esther late at night when Kathy was asleep.

3. Esther telling me what to do. As much as I gripe and moan and rebel against it, I secretly loved it when Esther said, “Come on Bethee….” and made me go to Walmart, or the grocery store, or Golden Spoon.

4. Watching the OC. Why all three of us liked that show, I will never know, but somehow we did. Seasons 1 and 2 hold a very special place in my heart because I watched them during a very special season of my life.

5.  Lazy Saturday mornings. I remember my first Saturday morning at the Ranch. Esther and I went for a walk and then came home to Kathy in her PJ’s in the kitchen and chatted it up until lunchtime. Some mornings Esther and I would go walking, some mornings we would make breakfast together, most mornings we would sit around talking. But there was something about the laziness of a Saturday, the sunshine on our yellow walls, and the company of my roommates that made them unforgettable.

6.  Throwing parties. It was the perfect place to have guests and my roommates were more than happy to let me have my party addiction. Really it is an addiction. I can only go a certain amount of time before needing to throw a party. From the Halloween party, to Esther’s birthday dinner, to the Ugly Sweater Christmas Party, to the New Years Eve “Party,” to Taco Tuesday– it’s been good times all year long.

7.  Being missed and having someone to come home to. It never failed, anytime I left Esther would always call or facebook or text message me telling me to come home! And there’s nothing sadder than returning to an empty house- but nothing more fun than returning to a home full of people who you love and love you in return. We would share our stories from the weekend or day we were apart, show off recent purchases, and stay up far too late.

There’s so many more memories that I have from our short stay in that house. Moving in and decorating the place and making it our home. The tears and confusion that come with being out on your own for the first time. Going to Claim Jumper after every major dissapointment. Sitting in the stairwell laughing with Kathy and Kyle. Esther and I getting our first Christmas tree at midnight while Kathy was asleep– and Kathy’s reaction when she woke up in the morning.  Sylvia staying with us. The night it seemed like my life was caving in and Kathy counseled me while finishing her ironing. Kyle wearing my brand new high heels around the house. Spying on our fighting neighbors and calling the cops on them. The Golden Spoon runs.

I am thankful to God that He gave me this year. He is good and worthy to be praised all the time. We’ll see what joys He has in store for the year to come.


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