The City Girl on Hiking

I’ve heard my mom say more than a few times, “How in the world did I get two city girls?”

According to Mama C my sister and I are city girls. And honestly, I would have to agree. While my mom was raised in a tiny beachside town, I was raised in the suburbs of Sacramento and San Francisco. While she would be happy to walk outside and go to the zoo, I like to shop and get manicures and pedicures in my “free” time (when I have it–which is rare).

But recently I’ve had a change of heart. There’s something about Northern California that calms me. Maybe it’s the ivy lined streets or being able to ride my bike anywhere in town. Perhaps it’s the small town feel of Pleasanton. Whatever it is, I decided that today I would go for a bike ride to the Pleasanton Ridge, hike the ridge, and bike home. My cousin, Joshie, stayed with us last night so I invited him to come with me.

I forgot three things when I made that decision:

1. Joshie is a football player at Stanford. I haven’t participated in formal sports since my sophomore year of high school. Thus, his definition of a leisurely bike ride and hike is very different than mine. Note to self: leave the athlete at home next time.

2. I generally dislike hiking/the outdoors. As we started up the trail I thought, “I don’t really want to do this.” That was confirmed when a bug flew right into the back of my throat. Hey- I make no apologies. That’s just who I am.

3. If you ride to a ridge and hike up it, you have to ride home. The ride home is never quite as pleasant as the ride there, even in Pleasanton (HA).

So, the next time I tell any of you that I want to go for a hike, please remind me how much I dislike them. From now on I think I’ll stick to my traditional Saturday morning bike ride to the Farmer’s Market.


2 thoughts on “The City Girl on Hiking

  1. You are so fun, sweet Betsy! Your wording made it possible for me to visualize the whole experience!
    I love you.

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