Speaking of House Guests…

…I have had two wonderful house guests this week! Esther Ko and Mandy Roberts came to stay at the Catron casa and it has been a very fun and tiring week. I wish I had pictures to post, but unfortunately my camera charger seems to be MIA (things were a wee bit hectic as I was moving out of the Ranch, so chances are I accidentally put it in storage). So I’ll give you some highlights of the week.

1. Esther has been continually saying some of the funniest things I have ever heard. There are probably 3-8 times a day that I double over laughing because of some ridiculous comment she has made. I love that girl.

2. Tuesday night we went to the Giants vs. Blue Jays game. This time the Giants won 3-2. Johnny Whitaker and Tim Cooper joined us which made for great fun. Johnny and I spent most of the night fighting over whether or not Barry Bonds is THE laziest player in baseball (which he is). I feel about Barry the way I feel about a sibling you hate. You can hate them, but no one outside the family can talk smack. So if you’re not a Giants fan, I don’t want to hear it. Other than that it was a good time of laughing, cheering, and catching up with friends. And a beautiful walk under the bay bridge by moonlight.

3. Today we spent the day in the city. This morning we shopped around Union Square, then had lunch in Chinatown, and did some more shopping before hailing a cab (my first!) to Ghiradelli Square. On the way to Ghiradelli the cab driver asked, “Did you get all your shopping done?” At which point I realized that somewhere between China town and Macy’s I lost my bag! Esther, Mandy, and I started dying laughing…and I simultaneously started crying as well. I’ve done a lot of laughing in my life and quite a bit of crying, but this was my first time crying and laughing at the same time. The cab driver kept looking back at me in this really unsure way. Luckily, we found the bag back at Macy’s and got to enjoy a banana split! Finally we trekked over to Johnny’s REI and once he got off worked headed to this awesome Mediterranean restaurant! We even got to sit on the floor on pillows….very last supper-esque. It reminded me of being in the old city and reenacting how all the disciples could have been sitting as described because they used to lay down to eat. Now I understand even better.

Here are my thoughts on life from the week:

A. We can run to God in our moments of greatest need. Profound, I know. It’s written all over the Bible, and yet there’s nothing like a moment where you need great grace to teach you that all over again.

B. Good friends are rare. And worth it. And sad to lose. And easy to walk away from. And hard to keep. But worth it.

C. Northern California is a beautiful place. I am starting to hope the Lord calls me to ministry back up here. The Bay Area is a really hard place to minister to because it is so affluent and so godless. It has long been my prayer that God will rise up a man to minister sound doctrine and humble grace to the believers up here. My extended stay up here has renewed my passion to see that prayer come to fruition. So if you want to go into ministry…perhaps you could pray about the Bay Area?

D. When I am focused on the wrong things my life begins feeling very worthless and joyless very quickly. I appreciated Gunner’s post a few weeks ago about how the world is great to enjoy when it is secondary. God must be primary. Otherwise jobs and friends and beautiful cities and laughter and baseball games are hollow and empty. God, and God alone is what satisfies this hungry soul. If I feast on anything else I will always end up feeling the way you feel after gorging yourself on candy- stuffed like you want to puke but left with nothing for your body to actually run on. This is easy to forget and hard to live….but I want to live it better and live it more.


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