I would like to introduce you to the newest addition to the Catron family, Brinklee. She was our Father’s Day present to Papa C this year. Here’s the thing about my dad– he has everything. I mean I know we’re all familiar with the “For the man who has everything” gifts, but literally there is nothing I can give my dad. Either I can’t afford it or he doesn’t want it. So the goal of every gift I give my dad is to make him cry. That’s how you know it’s a good gift. One year for Christmas I gave him both sets my Halstead outlines, another Christmas I gave him a framed photo of my sister, him, and me. Last Father’s day I made a bowl and painted “Build me a nest on the greatness of God” around the outside. All of those gifts evoked tears. So you see, I have a lot to live up to. It’s a lot of pressure to know: a) That I can’t just run to the store and buy something, I must think long and hard and come up with something very meaningful; and b) that whatever I give him must bring this man to tears. Frankly, sometimes I don’t know if I will be able to pull it off.

But I haven’t faced failure yet, and this year was no exception. My dad had a big pitch to the CEO on Friday and we knew he’d be tired when he got home from work. So we let him sit in his big comfy chair and watch the US Open, and kept a his glass full of iced tea at all times so he wouldn’t notice the puppy outside. My dad wasn’t expecting my brother and sister-in-law until Saturday night, so when the front door opened and he heard their voices on Friday night he was pleasantly surprised. Then we set the puppy on the chair by his ear and it started licking his face. He jumped and screamed in shock at first, but then as we told him how long we’d been planning this and all we’d done to pull it off….tears began streaming down his cheeks. Clutch. Another successful Father’s Day.

*Note: I do not generally like dogs. I think they are smelly, shed too much, and are far too much trouble. While Brinklee is really cute, she still fits into these categories. So while I appreciate her cuteness, I don’t anticipate liking her for long. Here’s my biggest beef with dogs: I think people treat animals better than they treat other people. I hate that. So even though Brinklee is cute, she’s still just a dog and I intend on treating her like one.


3 thoughts on “Announcing…Brinklee

  1. beth! polly and i were talking the other night about how much we missed you around ab. and, i keep seeing vw beetles everwhere and keep getting excited and thinking, “what? beth’s back!” but, of course, they’re not you. 😦 we miss you and wish you were here…or rather, that we were there. but! enjoy time at home and look forward to hearing about albania when you get back. and, i’m done with things to do as of 10:38 this morning. 🙂

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