I think I can…I think I can….

This morning Steve Lawson brought it at G-Comm. He spoke on 1 Corinthians 15 and the immanent return of Christ. The point? Christ is coming, He is coming soon, He is coming for us, so we better not let up until that day. Dr. Lawson’s preaching always has a way of stirring up my heart and encouraging me to keep running, not to give up or grow weary or discouraged. It was a much needed word for my heart this morning.

Just last week as I was getting home from work I thought, “How does life become more than this?” Something about working full time makes me feel like a hamster in a cage running around and around and around….and for all for nothing. Now I am a God fearing believer in Jesus Christ and I know full well that life is more than that. My life has a purpose and goal. I live for one thing and one thing alone: the glory of Christ. But somewhere in the drudgery of 8-5 plus looking for places to live and working out and going grocery shopping and doing laundry…it all starts to feel somewhat empty.

I think two things can take the vanity out of life. First, staying focused on Christ’s return. I was awakened this morning to the fact that Christ is coming, He is coming for me, He is coming quickly and I had better be ready when He gets here! Just that thought breathed fresh life into my soul. Oh how I long for the day when Christ will return! It’s just that I forget about it sometimes. The return of Christ can sometimes seem like a fairy tale in a land far away instead of a rapidly approaching reality. So I must keep Christ’s return on the forefront of my mind.

Secondly, realizing that no work we do in the Lord is ever in vain. Going to Albania and teaching at an English camp and getting sick in the process is not in vain. Going to work every day is not in vain. Going out to lunch with an unsaved coworker is not in vain. Choosing to repent instead of allowing anger to fester in my heart is not in vain. Loving someone with no regard of being loved in return is not in vain. Folding someone else’s laundry is not in vain. So enough, Christ will be here with all of His rewards. And nothing that we have done in His name on this earth will go unnoticed. Our award is awaiting us.

So I feel encouraged tonight not to grow weary in well doing. Every now and again I just need someone to come along and say…you can do it. Keep it up. Don’t stop now. I praise the Lord for using Dr. Lawson to come alongside me this morning. I believe this is what my dad would call a “well timed help.” Praise the Lord.


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