Biblical Counseling and Executive Recruiting: An Unlikely Match

When I decided that doing recruiting might be fun, I had no idea how much I would use my training in biblical counseling nor how much it would help train me for counseling.

I started my new job as an Executive Recruiter at Worldbridge Partners two weeks ago. They got me started on recruiting right away, and although I am trying not to make any judgments about the job for at least 6 months, I am finding that I really enjoy it. Last week I talked to a man whose father-in-law is suffering from a stroke and mother-in-law is in bad health. His wife is having to travel up to Sacramento to care for them every week and it’s putting some pressure on the family– so he’d love an opportunity in Sacramento. I talked to another man who is recently divorced and finally living his dream- fixing up a beach house in Santa Monica. He left commercial lending so he wouldn’t get a heart attack at 50 and is now making “way too much money” for what he does as a loan officer. He thanked me for being such a good listener and asked me if I could set him up with one of my friends. I laughed and told him if I ever start up a dating service he would be my first client. The best part of my job is definitely being able to talk with people and getting to know them and helping them achieve their dreams or find relief from their current situation be it personal or professional.

But it wasn’t until yesterday that I realized what a surprisingly ideal match it was with biblical counseling. Yesterday morning I was sitting at work doing some training on “Core Skills” of a recruiter. Guess what my training was on? Listening, asking good questions, and empathizing (also closing and time management). It was amazing how similar my training was yesterday to the training I received during my undergrad at Master’s.

So all that to say I think my advisor was wrong when he told me I couldn’t do anything with my degree. It’s far more practical than I ever dreamed!


One thought on “Biblical Counseling and Executive Recruiting: An Unlikely Match

  1. That’s crazy-encouraging, beth. very cool that you’re seeing direct connections between your degree and your job. i’m still trying to figure out the connections between my business degree and youth ministry. i’ll keep ya posted on that one.
    keep writing….you’re a stud….

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