Weekend Update

I know, I know, I go home more than anyone else I know. It’s the blessing of being part of a tight knit family. There are many reasons why a trip home is mandatory: any birthday or holiday, including mother’s and father’s day, and anniversaries. There are also reasons why a trip home just sounds good: everyone else is going to be there, I need to get my hair done, my heart is broken, I’ve been sick for awhile, I have nothing else to do, or I just miss them. All that to say, this weekend my mom celebrated her 52nd birthday (sorry Mom- now everyone knows) so it was a mandatory trip. But even the mandatory trips are fun.

Yesterday morning I woke up early to go over to my sister’s and help her with the garage sale she was having. My brother-in-law and I put our sales skills to the test and tried to really wheel and deal. Perhaps our best sale was when I called after a guy who was leaving and lowered the price on the lawn mower. Dan (my brother-in-law) joined in and together we talked that man into a lawn mower for $10. Alright, so really the guy who bought the lawn mower got the better deal…but at least it proved that we are good sales professionals. Sorta. Okay, not really.

On my way home I drove past my old friend Tessa and her husband Scott so I pulled the car over, and right after I got out my friend Jay (also Tessa’s twin brother) drove by and jumped out of his car and we had a sweet little reunion. We happened to be out in front of our friend John’s house, who came outside a few seconds later so we all stayed around for a nice friendly game of horse. It was really fun, like we were kids again playing in the old neighborhood. Jay witnessed me breaking my foot on multiple occasions, so he kept teasing me about it as we were playing. It’s nice to be around people who knew you back when and love you anyways. Jay was my very first crush and is still my backup if we’re both unmarried by 35. Tessa, Jay, and these guys Dan and Steve and I drove to school every morning together in 7th and 8th grade. We built a bonfire in the street with rags and paper and our excess amounts of perfume and cologne…and got caught by the cops as we were hiding out in Jay and Tessa’s living room. I remember sitting on John’s porch with his mom, Patti, and laughing with her when I was in high school. Playing horse with them took me back to those times…it brought back welcome memories.

Then this morning I went to my home church where I got to see restoration in process and was glad to be there as my old pastor, the one I assisted last summer, gave a public apology to the church and asked forgiveness for his sin. He is a testimony to the truth that we must be embarrassingly honest about our sins and temptations. I was able to speak with him a little bit for the first time since I heard about the situation and am thankful to see God at work in his life.

All in all it was a good weekend. I love being home. And I’m excited to have a home to go back to in Santa Clarita. I’ll write more about God’s abundant provision in that sometime this week.


One thought on “Weekend Update

  1. Lizzybeth,
    I love reading your blog! I don’t even mind that you revealed my age. Just seeing the number 52 actually triggered a memory that is very precious to me. My own Mom (your Grandma) became a Christian when she was 52. She had been raised Christian Science, then attended a social gospel church, and was confused about the deity of Christ and other basic doctrine. God started doing His redemptive work in our family starting with her six children. He used their testimony and His inerrant Word to draw her to Christ for salvation. I always said it would take a miracle and a half to see her become a Christian, and we saw the walls fall down as she surrendered her life. I’m amazed at God’s grace and mercy shown to anyone who calls on His name no matter their age or circumstance. So whether you’re 23, 52 or 82, His mercies are still new every morning. Love, Mom

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