Oh My…Earthquake!

Last night I was over at the Price Palace watching a movie when I…fell asleep. For those of you who know me this should come as no surprise. I always fall asleep when I watch movies. So I finally woke up at 10:30 and forced myself to drive home where I headed straight for bed. Unfortunately I was jolted awake at just past 1 by some shaking and the sound of my armoire doors slamming shut and open.

Yep, that’s right. A real bona fide earthquake- a 4.5. Check it out here. And when you’re on the 3rd floor, you feel it. It lasted just long enough for me to realize what was happening. I jumped out of bed and went to check if my roommate was awake- and thankfully she was! After a little while I went back to bed with images of “the big one” looming in my head. Thankfully that didn’t last long before I went straight back to sleep.

But crazy, huh? I think that’s the biggest earthquake I’ve ever been in after living in California for 23 years! But to put it in perspective, I’ve talked to multiple people who didn’t even wake up. So it wasn’t really that bad.


One thought on “Oh My…Earthquake!

  1. Yeah, B. I slept through it. But I’m definitely glad the armoire did not come crashing down. Seriously, that thing could have gone straight through the floor and given a real suprise to whoever lives below you.

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