A Cry For Help!

Baking help that is.

This Sunday Grace Community Church is holding a pie baking contest and I’ve vowed to enter it on behalf of my friends Matt & Tina. Matt really wants to win the iPod Nano and is counting on my baking skills in order to get one. I definitely am feeling the pressure to perform.

So I am trying to decide between an olallieberry pie or a buttermilk apple pie. Here’s the kicker (which I didn’t exactly tell Matt when I agreed to enter the contest for him)- I don’t have a recipe for either pies. I’ve never even made either pies. But he thinks I’m a good baker so I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I’ve only ever made one apple pie and that was with great assistance from my mom who is an amazing cook/baker.

So if you have a good recipe for an olallieberry or buttermilk apple pie pass it along!  And I’ll even take the picture of the nano I win and send it to you and you can put it in your car and pretend you are the proud owner of it. Pretend is the key word there.


One thought on “A Cry For Help!

  1. why don’t u just make the same pie you made for my birthday last year… it was glorious! get the recipe from mom, silly. =)

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