Room for Thoughts

Recently there have been a lot of things on my mind. Probably because now that my life is settling down and I am settling in to a routine so I have time to think. I’ve been thinking a lot about certain qualities that are lacking in me, namely a gentle and quiet spirit, discernment, humility, and contentment. Yep, not a big deal at all. But as I see this I am keenly aware that I am becoming the woman I will be and I want to be characterized by all of those things one day. It’s like I wake up every day and I have in my head this person who I want to be- strong but always under control and never bossy or domineering, always trusting God, always resting in his goodness, thinking of others and preferring them down to the smallest detail, and happy no matter what my circumstance is because I’m focused on Christ and allowing everything else to fade into the background. That’s who I want to be in my mind but I am constantly reminded of reality and that I am so far from living that way. I hear myself arguing when I should be encouraging. I feel my heart growing anxious and my chest getting tight when I should be trusting. I allow my heart to run after things in this world and allow my schedule to be filled up so I don’t have time to sit at Christ’s feet. I see myself rushing past my roommate so I can get my task done just a little bit quicker. I hate it. I hate it all. So the other day when I came across a quote about contentment on the GirlTalk blog it really hit me:

“What is contentment? It is having a satisfied mind in any situation. It is finding inner satisfaction in God alone and in His provision for you. It is experiencing His peace and confidence in difficult times. It is consciously enjoying the fact that God is good, even when your circumstances are not.” – Robert D. Jones, “Learning Contentment in All Your Circumstances”

I would even add that it is consciously enjoying the fact that God is good, even when your circumstances do not appear to be. It was good for my heart to be reminded of that as the last few weeks of summer fly past and I am looking towards the fall semester beginning with a small twinge of dread. I know that my life is about to get busy, that my mind is about to get tired, and that I am going to have to begin the juggling act once more in just a few short weeks. But God is good and He does good and He alone is my satisfaction and contentment (I am writing that more to tell myself than anyone else).

So enjoy these last few weeks of summer, but enjoy Christ more and know that no matter what your circumstance you can be content because nothing can separate you from His love.


2 thoughts on “Room for Thoughts

  1. I know I probably sound crazy but I got to your blog through multiple other blogs of people from Masters. Honestly I don’t know any of the people personally (just linked through some blogs after hearing about the Macks in South Africa). Anyway, I found your blog posts to be so encouraging and insightful. I started looking at some of the links through Master’s people because my best friends just moved out to CA to go to seminary at Master’s and I was just accepted to the MABC program and plan to come out there next fall. Actually I am coming this November to visit my friends and meet with people from the MABC program/tour the school and all that. I am a 4th grade teacher at a Classical Christian school that my church runs and we go to a lot of the conferences that your pastor speaks at. I also got to hear Pastor Gephardt (sp?) this summer when he visited our church here in Florida. All that just to establish that I am a normal young woman just looking to maybe meet some people from CA before I come out there and correspond a bit…when I saw you wrote about the MABC program, I immediately wanted to write. Let me know if you’d like to exchange emails or something and correspond…I have a million questions! And thanks for your sincerity on your blog, as I said it is very encouraging. In Christ, Melissa

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