Placement #1!!!

That’s right. You are reading the blog of an officially bona-fide, completely legitimate executive recruiter! Today I placed my first candidate! What does that mean? It means I called someone and said, “I have an opportunity for a VP Commercial Loan Officer and Business Development Officer with a $300 million community bank….” and he said, “Yes!” Then he went through the entire interview process (which was positive for both parties) and in the end, we negotiated an offer that both parties were pleased with! It’s crazy and feels really surreal. This morning I found out while I was checking my messages, and my boss said, “Get off the phone and go put a chip up!” You see, at work we have this white board and every day before we leave for lunch and before we leave to go home we have to write how many phone calls we’ve made and how many people we’ve spoken to. And we have to put up different chips if we do different things, like sending people out to interviews, or getting job orders, or making placements. So the whole office walked over as I put up my chip, and then they made me ring this bell really loud, then they took my picture. It was all very humorous. Anyways, it feels good to be good at what I’m doing! But really I know my secret: it’s that I pray. I pray for success, I pray that the Lord will help me before I start my day, and I pray for my candidates as they go on their interviews. I know that doesn’t mean that every candidate will be placed or that every phone call will end up in an interested candidate (believe me I know that!) but I don’t know any other way to work but to ask for God’s help in it. And I don’t believe it’s a coincidence when He causes me to prosper.

Anyways, today I had a great day. Not only did I make a placement, but I talked to a lot of people. We had a business consultant in today and she said, “Something magical happens when you get on the phone…I haven’t heard a single person turn you down or cut you off.” Now that doesn’t happen every day, but today it was true. I went to lunch feeling great. I got off work and went grocery shopping for a dinner party I’m having tomorrow night. I started on homework for my Master’s degree. I worked and cleaned around my nice, bright apartment. But what’s funny is I realized that none of those things bring meaning to my life. Making placements doesn’t bring meaning. Having good friends doesn’t bring meaning. Furthering my education doesn’t bring meaning. Cooking and cleaning in a nice home doesn’t bring meaning. If that’s all my life was it would be a horribly meaningless and unsatisfying existence. Those things are given worth because of the God who created it in whom I live and breathe and have my existence. He is who gives my life meaning and He alone satisfies the needs of this soul. Just my thoughts on today. Anyways, its time for this soul to rest. Nighty night.


5 thoughts on “Placement #1!!!

  1. Hi B

    Glad I found your site. It is a fun way to keep in touch. Don’t worry my pie didn’t win either…and the sad thing is that we didn’t even get to eat our pies. Here is our website It is more like Andrew’s website, that is what happens when you have kids.

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