Why Did I Eat Those Worms?

So I went home this weekend (again) to celebrate my dad’s birthday. The birthday celebrations were great- although my gift did not make my father cry. So this morning we are sitting around procrastinating packing my car because I don’t want to leave and my dad is making completely ridiculous and unreasonable offers to try to get me to stay- he’s already offered to buy me a car if I stay until tomorrow and asked me if I would just quit school and my job and come live here with them…and here’s the conversation that ensues:

Caris (who is looking at a travel catalogue): Don’t you think if you need a suitcase to carry all your medications you probably shouldn’t be traveling? It seems like, at that point, you might as well just stay home.

Dad (singing): Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, why did I eat those worms? Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, why did I eat those worms…???

Caris (laughing): That’s not how the song goes! It’s not why did I eat those worms, like they upset your stomach…it’s I guess I’ll go eat worms….

Dad: Well that’s how it goes in my wor-

Mom: It’s a stupid song, okay?

Caris: It’s just funny how you are saying why did I eat those worms like they are upsetting your stomach, when the song has nothing to do with that, it’s about people not liking you so you are going to go eat worms. It sounds like it’s two separate issues. One is you’re depressed that nobody likes you, and two is you’re feeling nauseous from the worms you ate earlier….

Dad: Uhm. So do you guys want to have worms for lunch?

Just another day in the life of the Catron family.


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