Bad News Bears

Well I walked into work yesterday morning and found out my placement fell through after he receieved his offer letter and all. His credit check didn’t go through but they won’t tell us why. So Ellen (the account executive I work with) called him this morning to let him know…it didn’t go over well. So everyone is dissapointed- our client, our candidate, and us.

Yesterday I was so dissapointed I just wanted to walk out of our office and never go back. It was then that I employed a little preaching to myself instead of listening to myself…which I am sorry to say I don’t do nearly often enough. Anyways, they tell me this is the life of a recruiter. You work and work and work for one placement a month…and then when it falls through you are so disappointed you just want to cry or scream or quit. They say it’s good for this to happen to me now. And towards the end of the day my boss walked toward me and I smiled at him and he said, “Well at least you’re still smiling. That’s a good thing.” Then today I found out I made another placement. It was great to make two placements in one month…but it was overshadowed by the sadness of the entire situation with the first placement.

Anyways, I promise this won’t be a blog about my placements. I just figured you had a right to know since I made such a big deal about my first one. I guess pride comes before the fall.


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