Not The Only One

Since my last post on the “Superwoman Syndrome” I’ve noticed daily and hourly the various ways that the lust of perfection plays out in my heart and life. And that’s what it is, really, a lust (read: strong desire) to be without a single flaw. I’ve talked to different people about it and I want to make something perfectly clear: that desire in my heart is not a godly desire. It’s not motivated by a desire to be pleasing to the Lord but to be praised by men. So it’s not a standard I use to measure whether or not I’m pleasing to the Lord. It’s not a legalistic struggle. It’s a man-pleasing struggle. It’s that I want to be praised and admired by other people.

Apparently I’m not the only one. A friend sent this article to me the other day which talks about the overwhelming pressure young girls feel to be perfect. It made my heart so sad to see so much of my own heart in this article that is talking about unbelieving teenage girls. Please notice that I am not unbelieving, nor a teenager.

Note to self: must grow in sanctification. And maturity.


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