So Many Thoughts

Between the game on Saturday night, the current series my pastor is going through on Sunday, and challenging friends there are so many thoughts I am trying to process through right now.

Game Saturday Night:

– What would I be like if I attended a school like USC or Stanford? Would I have been faithful to Christ through college? Would I have clung to worldliness, or the promise of riches or success, would I have pursued vain beauty and found that as my life’s satisfaction and happiness?

– What is the appropriate response to unbelievers who despise Christ and live in outspoken offensiveness to the gospel?

From the current series on 1 Peter 3 at church:

– What does it mean to have a gentle and quiet spirit, really and truly? How can I get to the point where I respond with gentleness, display a beautifully controlled strength, in a way that my soul is weaned and quieted before the Lord?

– What does it look like for an unmarried woman to be biblically feminine? How do I cultivate selflessness, submission, encouragement, working at home, speaking with kindness, loving others, smiling at the future, etc. in my life as an unmarried woman?

– How do I exemplify biblical femininity in my life currently and how can I improve?

– Why do we often make living a godly life as a single woman about getting married instead of pleasing Christ? Why is cultivating godly characteristics so often talked about as a means to the end of getting married instead of pleasing and honoring Christ?

And finally challenging thoughts from friends:

– How do I respond to failure in my life, and why do I respond the way I do?

– Why do I think about myself the way I do, and how can I change that?

– How can I grow in waiting on the Lord and persevering in patience? How do I do that when everything in me wants to run when it gets hard?

– How can I be honest and about life’s circumstances without complaining or gossiping? How can I be genuine about my responses and not just say, “But it’s good” when I’m not thinking that way?

So that’s what I’m working through right now. Sorry, the answers are still coming.

But I did want to share one thing. The other day I was talking to my dad on the phone. We were talking about a couple we know who is planning on getting married. I wasn’t convinced this was the best thing. I think he was also thinking about how critical I can be when it comes to guys. He said something to me which really surprised me. He said, “You know, Elizabeth, sometimes love is enough.”

Wow. What? No one ever says that to me. They talk about how carefully I need to choose a husband, how I have to submit to him for the rest of my life and wake up every day next to him and how I’ll get sick of him at some point. They don’t tell me that love is enough.

My dad went on to explain that love covers a multitude of sins, and that to some extent love does blind us. That’s why community and seeking counsel from others is so important. But he said that if we saw the other person’s sin so clearly before we got married most of us wouldn’t marry. But he told me how through the years the very fact that he has been in love with my mom has carried them. That has covered over sin. That has helped them to work through conflict, through disagreements, through parenting differences. His love for her has colored his view of her. In a good way. And that (and the grace of God) has sustained them for 30 years.

Huh. No one ever told me that.


One thought on “So Many Thoughts

  1. It’s amazing how wise dad’s become when their children turn 20+ … there was a time when I would have paid BIG MONEY to have my kids listen to me, and now they’re quoting me on Blogs for free — whoda thunk?


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