Sin is Sin

Here’s a quote from Elyse Fitzpatrick from the girltalk blog about sin being labeled as diseases and why it should be called sin. All I can say is amen! And while she is talking specifically about anorexia and bulemia…the same answer could be used for so many sins that we label as diseases in our psycholigized culture……

“Although it might seem off-putting, it’s actually very kind to classify these behaviors as behaviors (and yes, sinful behaviors), rather than as diseases. To tell a woman that she has a disease for which there is no cure, that she’ll never be free of, and that she has to fight against all her life is confusing at best and hopeless at worst. If we didn’t know that we had a Savior, then labeling sin as sin would be unkind. But we do have a Savior and there’s one thing that all Christians (by definition) agree on, we sin and we need a Redeemer. We live in a culture that denies sin and responsibility and classifies all sorts of sin as disease. This is just one more example of mankind’s basic desire to shift the blame away from himself and onto another.”


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