We had SO much fun!

I began mentally composing this post this morning and immediately became frustrated because I knew I wouldn’t be able to communicate the intensity of the fun we had in San Diego this weekend for Esther’s birthday. “We had SO much fun” just will not do it justice. So this post is going to be detailed– more than you probably care to know but I want to write it so I won’t forget how much fun it was!

Imagine this: 7 of us — Esther Ko, Siona Savini, Becca Boone, Phil Anderson, Ben Blakey, and Adam Carmichael– trekked down to San Diego Friday night at about midnight and arrivied at our friend Rick Dennis’ house at around 3 am. That’s when the laughter began. After we brought our bags in from the car, the mockery began. The victims? Ona and I, because we brush our teeth once a day. That digressed into jokes about Listerine and mouthwash and more that I can’t even remember now. At this point we had to be quiet in our laughter because it was 3 am and Rick’s grandpa was asleep….but it definitely set the tone for how the rest of the weekend would go.

The next morning we woke up to a beautiful breakfast spread out by Rick (who is quite the host!). Our breakfast cereal was called “Honey Nut Scooters”– it was the kind of cereal that says on the back of the box, “If you like Honey Nut Cheerios, then you’ll LOVE Honey Nut Scooters.” But I just kept saying, Honey Nut Scooters? Really? And then we began mocking Christian book stores who say, “If you like Nelly, you’ll LOVE Petra!” We laughed and laughed throughout breakfast. At one point Ona said “If this is only breakfast…can you imagine the rest of the day?” And when I say laugh (and please remember this throughout the post) I’m not talking about any kind of laughing. I’m talking about belly laughing– gut wrenching, ab hurting, neck aching, barely being able to breathe, tear jerking laughter. That was how it was all weekend long.

I think there was three things working in our favor: 1) Everyone on the trip was a laugher. We all love to laugh without one exception. And there were more than a few of us that have very contagious and loud laughter. 2) Everyone on the trip was also very funny and had a similar sense of humor. We can all take jokes and build on them until they go too far, and then laugh at the fact that we took it that far. and 3) We were all in the right mood to have a good time.

After breakfast we headed to the wild animal park. Some highlights: taking our first group pic on the bronze rhino, trying on hats and backpacks and taking pictures in the gift shop, making fun of the biodiversity signs in one of the exhibits, seeing the gorillas, Phil laughing at the top of his lungs as he experienced the footsie wootsie, taking a safari train around the park to see all the animals and hearing all about how the wildfire only got to the edge of the park because there was nothing flamable in the park (uh, trees?), how animals are red because red looks green in shades of grey (what? I need you to repeat that), walking over this bridge that everyone started jumping on but I was so scared I almost wet myself and just clung to the edge, hiding from Esther outside the bathroom, driving home and making fun of endangered species and people who take joking too seriously.

When we got to Rick’s house we had a few intense matches of Tennis Wii (also absorbed in much laugher). It began as we were custom designing our characters– mine had a beard, Phil kept complaining about what we thought he looked like, it was absurdity run a muck. Then the fun continued as we watched the other players swinging in the air with the most serious faces, specifically Ben sticking his tongue out and puffing out his cheeks and Phil’s jump serve…oh man that was good times. Finally came dinner and a hilarious game of the name game. That’s the game where everyone comes up with a name and you have to guess who chose that name. After spending a day mocking cereal and Christian bookstores and our tour guide on the safari and each other we had plenty of names to choose from. After awhile we thought it would be more fun just to read the names aloud…but we never gave into that temptation. We kept playing, had birthday cake, and finally made our way upstairs because Rick’s grandpa had gone to bed. We spent more time in laughter up there, with Phil and Adam modeling some of the old clothing in the closet, pretending like we were asleep when Ben finally came up, Ona ordering us (and all of us seriously going along with it) to take a 20 second nap, playing catch phrase. I got mocked quite a bit during that. Finally I started complaining because my neck hurt from laughing so much…which began more mockery. Man the fun just did not stop.

Finally this morning we woke up for breakfast for Esther’s birthday, headed to church, and drove home. None of us wanted to leave. Ona told me that last night Rick said, “I wonder if this is what heaven is going to be like.” Pure, innocent, enjoyment. I think I can quite honestly say it was the best weekend of my life.

Thanks Team 20 Seconds!


4 thoughts on “We had SO much fun!

  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (coming up for air) hahahahahahahahahahaha this had to be one of the all-time best weekends. Lets just say I cannot wait until Team 20 Seconds has their next outing.

  2. even as i was driving back to my apt last night, i was laughing so hard, out loud, until once again my stomach hurt just thinking about what a great weekend this was. thanks guys! 😀

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