Laughter– Sweet Laughter

Thus commences a week long of blogging on a pre-assigned topic. Here’s what happens. Siona will send out an e-mail once a day about a blog topic, which Siona, Becca, Phil, Ben and I all have to blog on and then we can read what each other had to say (I actually don’t think Ben knows about this yet…but if you are reading this, consider yourself informed).

Today’s topic? Top 20 things I love about laughing inside or outside.

1. I love the feeling of uncontrollable laughter when someone is praying or speaking and I can’t laugh. The more inappropriate it is to laugh, the stronger the urge is it seems.

2. Getting someone to laugh at something, then getting to turn to the person on the other side of you and getting them to laugh at the same thing. Double laughter for the same joke!

3. When you tell a joke when someone else is talking, you have a captive audience. They must listen to you. And usually, if they are nice, they at least courtesy laugh at you. And jokes are always more funny when they are shared.

4. I love the way laughter resounds when you are inside.

5. I love the way laughter echoes when you are outside.

6. I love watching other people laugh so hard their faces crinkle up so they look like they are in pain (namely Isaiah Kottke and Ben Blakey).

7. I love belly laughing. I laugh a lot. I fake laugh a lot. But I rarely belly laugh. It is so freeing to laugh from the pit of my stomach with everything I’ve got.

8. I love that when you laugh you forget about a lot of things that would normally consume you. When I laugh I’m not thinking about who is paying attention to me, or what I look like, or what other people are thinking of me, or what I don’t like about this or that. I’m just enjoying the moment.

9. I love the unity of laughing with a group. It’s like in that moment all of you understand the same thing and find pleasure in the same thing.

10. I love the rest that comes with laughing. Laughing so hard this weekend showed me how little I laugh– truly laugh– in real life. It was very restful to laugh hard and long.

11. I love the type of laughter when you can’t breathe and you start to make funny noises and gasps and snorts.

12. I love when laughter lasts longer than just a few seconds.

13. I love the elation and smiles that come along with laughter. I wonder why God created it that way?

14. I love the freedom of laughing outside and not caring who is watching or listening– and being able to bring joy to someone else’s life because they witness your laughter (at least I prefer to think of it as joy and not annoyance).

15. Laughter is unlike any other emotion. It’s not even an emotion at all…but there certainly is a distinct emotion that comes along with it. It’s stronger than enjoyment, different than surprise and happiness, and more than just fun. Who knows what it is and why we respond that way?

16. I love the acceptance of people laughing at my jokes.

17. I love being laughed at. Most of the time. This weekend I can think of multiple times when I was straight up mocked– i.e. for complaining that my neck hurt from laughing so hard while lying in a really contorted position and for saying “What do you get when you hit a pinata” and being disappointed that my teammates answer was candy and not blindfolded! Those were some of the funniest moments to me.

18. I love the way it sounds when a lot of people laugh all together at the same time. Like a chorus of laugher.

19. I love hearing other people with contagious laughs who make me laugh even harder.

20. I love laughing at someone who is surprisingly funny. The type of person who seems like they are going to be painfully boring and then take you off guard with their humor.

All that said, laughter isn’t the goal of life. I know that. It’s like any other good gift God has given us– as long as it isn’t the focus, it’s a good thing to enjoy. It’s when that becomes our idol that it becomes meaningless and unsatisfying. But sometimes, it’s just good, clean, fun.


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