The Perfect Date

Today’s blogging topic: write about your perfect date…and the 3 essential elements of what would make it a really good date! what setting, where and what you eat, dessert, types of conversations etc.

The perfect date would be: not awkward, with someone I really liked, and extremely fun. That’s what would make it a good date for me.

I would want the guy to be a gentleman. Open and close doors. Pull out my chair. I would want him to lead, take control of the date. It would be nice if it was well planned, he had scouted out exactly what we would do and where we would go beforehand so I wouldn’t have to make any decisions whatsoever.

The setting? Doing something. Anything really. Going walking through a farmer’s market or promenade somewhere, Paint a Dream, going bike riding, hitting golf balls, something that requires attention to be given to something other than just each other. I find this helps in the awkwardness category, it gives you something to talk about if you are doing something as opposed to just sitting awkwardly across a dinner table from each other.

Where and what to eat? Something original, creative. Nothing typical. It could be a sweet chinese place overlooking LA, or a dump of a Mexican taco stand, or a crazy Greek restaurant, or Thai Tea in Artesia…somewhere I would never have thought of going and where I don’t have to pick the place. And a nice old couple at the table next to us would cover our check because they thought it was so sweet to see two young kids out on a date (this way, the awkward check paying moment– where I feel guilty and don’t really know what to do while he is signing the receipt– would never have to happen!)

The conversation? Exactly that–conversation. Not an interogation. Not a monologue. But some friendly banter back and forth, sharing of opinions on different topics, ideas, finding out what the other is interested in, cracking jokes back and forth, laughing together. He would be understanding and engaging and interesting to listen to. We would feel really comfortable with each other, like we were old friends, and we would have a million things to talk about. This is where chemistry comes in. There just has to be chemistry for the conversation to go exactly right. Even if a guy looks like the perfect catch on paper, the chemistry might not be there and the date would automatically sink. And, at the end of the date, he would make it clear what his intentions were (even if he didn’t know exactly.) And we would be on the same page, and I would know what he was thinking and there would be no guessing or wondering.

Mostly I would want it to be a date that I didn’t want to end. When the time came to say goodbye, if it were the perfect date, I would dread that moment we had to say goodbye and I would lay awake at night thinking about how it went, and I would think about him all into the next day…and possibly even the day after that. And I wouldn’t have to convince myself to like him.

That, my friends, would be the perfect date. Enlightening? I hope so.


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