I realized tonight why I love John Piper’s preaching. I have never been able to put my finger on it. He’s passionate, yes. He’s good with language, yes. He’s dynamic, yes. But I’ve never been convinced that’s why I love him. During my time at Master’s I listened to plenty of passionate, dynamic, linguists. So why do I continually turn to Piper when my heart wanders, when my heart is cold cold, and I’m frustrated, and feel like a continual fool?

Because he talks so much about God.

My theology and walk with God have been shaped, in large part, to hearing Piper preach about who God is. In all of His sermons He talks about the character of God. That’s what my soul craves. It’s easy to talk doctrine and sin and how we should live. It’s hard to talk about who God is because He is so vast and transcendent and indescribable. But that’s what I long for. So often when I’m finished with listening to a sermon by Piper I love God more because I know more about who He is. And I find this equips me better than anything else to fight the good fight of faith, to battle to fearful lukewarmness of my heart, to turn to Christ for help, to fight for joy, and to want to be humble, meek, and poor in spirit.

I hope one day I am able to counsel in a way that is so dramatically God-centered.


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