Well, we’re settling into a routine here. It’s called, wake up, go to the beach, come back, lay out by the pool, go to dinner. I want to live here. But I just finished telling my sister why, if you did live here, it would get old.

I would tell you what we’re doing every day but that’s essentially it. Here’s what I love about being here:

1 ) Getting to read for fun. I’ve already finished 2 books and am working through the 3rd. I’ll probably have read 1500 pages by the time I get home.

2) Waking up to the ocean in the backyard. This morning I woke up and my dad was sitting on the back patio so I went out to join him and read for awhile. Glorious.

3) Spending most of my time in a bathing suit. I love it. I wish I could do that at home.

4) Not wearing a lick of makeup and not doing my hair.

5) Getting tan.

6) Laughing with my family. Particularly when my sister confessed she always thought the saying was “If the glove doesn’t fit, he must have quit.” She’s lived in secret shame not understanding it for 10 years now. Man we laughed so hard I thought I might throw up.

Now we’re deciding what to do for dinner. Tomorrow I think we will head to the waterfalls and accomplish my two desires for the trip: to go for a hike and go see a waterfall. The days are going back too quickly…so I’m trying to take the advice of my friend Amy and wish for Saturday to be here so the days will go by slowly. We’ll see if it works.


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