Home, Sick, and Thankful

Well, I returned home from Hawaii on Saturday afternoon. The flight was fine, the traveling was fine…but man do I miss it! I came home to a 12 page paper on homosexuality awaiting me which I finished late Sunday night. On Monday I headed off to work and found some good things had been happening while I was gone. By 8 on Monday morning I had two candidates going into interviews. But by 3:00 a more than mild nausea settled in and by 4:55 I had thrown up in our break room at work. Oopie.
How is it possible that life could be so different in just a few short days? And by so different I mean back to work, feeling sick, meeting deadlines, school work, pressure, stress, busy-ness…all of it. But the past few days I have been thinking about thankfulness (again).

I’ve committed to begin my mornings by thanking the Lord for all of His blessings. Novel concept, huh? My goal is to make a list of things I am thankful for at night and then pray through them the following morning and use my night time prayer for petition. This way my mind will begin to be trained to think in terms of what I am thankful for instead of what I need to get done, or what I am discouraged or stressed about. I think it will also be revealing of my heart and what I consider to be blessings and what I am thankful for and what I am not thankful for. I’m sure I will start to see some patterns developing and have to change my thinking about what is worthy of my thankfulness.

Anyways…I will wrap up my blogging on Hawaii as soon as I get some pictures from my mom. For now I’m gonna go get some saltines and ginger ale to snack on.


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