This weekend has been wonderful.

It started Friday night when I went to the Grove with Esther. When I got off work I was so excited to get to just be with her, and what better place to go? We did some Christmas shopping then came back to Santa Clarita for our traditional midnight Christmas tree run.

So at around 12:30 am Esther and Phil (you may remember him from Team 20 Seconds) showed up to my place. The fun and laughter continued from then until around 3:30 am when they left. Getting a Christmas tree after midnight is by far the best way to get a tree for 0ne primary reason — everything is hilariously funny because you are so delirious.


Here we are with the tree on our car in the Walmart parking lot. Approximate time: 2:00 am.


And here we are with the finished product!

Then last night a group of us went to this restaurant called Manna in Koreatown in L.A to say goodbye to a guy in our Bible Study who is going up to Minneapolis to minister to college students with Bethleham Baptist (John Piper’s church). Again it was a night full of fun and belly laughing. It’s interesting to me that you have to have the exact right combination of people to have a night like that. So we laughed loud and hard throughout the night and the guy who we were saying goodbye to (Nick) asked my favorite question I’ve ever heard: what does a typical day look like for you? Each of us went through our days, from the time we wake up to our morning routine and commutes and what we do at work all day, what we do when we get home, all of it. It was a really good question and interesting to hear about and eye opening to me. But Koren BBQ is amazing- they just bring you plate after plate piled with meat and then you cook it right there on your table. Anytime your plate starts to get low they bring out another one. They brought us more meat than I have ever seen in my life– I don’t know how there’s any livestock left in California! After dinner we said our awkward goodbyes, had a few group hugs, and went our separate ways. Everything about the night was just so fun.

Then this morning we went to church and heard about biblical masculinity (after 8 weeks of biblical femininity) which was really helpful and encouraging to me. Earlier in the morning I had been thinking, “Man I’m glad I’m not married because I have no clue what I’m looking for…” And it was good to hear about what a man should be in the Lord because I guess it’s not something I study too much– I’m too concerned with being Superwoman.

Now I’ve finished doing some cleaning and Christmas decorating and it’s time to get to homework. Only two more weeks of school left for the semester!


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