Christmas Cheer

We all know I love Christmas, this is no surprise. This past week I’ve been able to attend my two favorite Christmas parties: The Generations White Elephant Party and my annual Ugly Sweater Party. Enjoy the pics!

Ben and I did a running commentary of the gift exchange. Saying it was a lot of fun would be an understatement.


Here is Ben, Bart, and myself holding up our gifts. Please note that my gift was still wrapped, this is because it was a really cute mug from Starbucks that I didn’t want to get stolen. And see the look on my face? Like I don’t even care? It didn’t get stolen. Brilliance.


Rick, Josh, Ona, and Ben in their ugly sweaters. One of my favorite moments of the whole night was when Rick, Josh, and Ona were performing their poem and Josh’s turtleneck came “unattached.” He confessed that he bought two sweaters and cut the turtleneck off one and wore it like it was the same sweater. I was dying of laughter.


The stars of the night! My roommates! Here is Mike (not my roommate– but Christi’s boyfriend), Christi, and Amy. Mike and Christi were so helpful. I didn’t ask them to, but they took over all the practical needs for the night and just cooked, and put food out, and freed me up so I could spend time with people and mingle. I was very very thankful for them that night. Still am, actually.


Here’s Polly, Katie, Amy, and Becca. Note: Katie was in town all the way from Orange County, another girl came in from Texas…I mean literally people were traveling from all over the country to get to my party!


Here is Becca, Polly, Katie, and Tara performing their poem/song which was quite enjoyable all though they did not receive a prize (sorry girls).


And here is the winning group! The sang a delightful 5 part harmony on what a pagan holiday Christmas is. I was tempted to be personally offended, what with it being performed at my Ugly Christmas Sweater party, but it was so well performed I didn’t even notice. Congrats!


Jackie and I. What can I say? She’s scrumptulescent.


It was such a fun time! At one point I was sitting between Esther and Amy and thinking, all my favorite people are in this room (minus my family). That doesn’t happen very often but I was definitely thankful for the opportunity!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Cheer

  1. Yeah, your Starbucks mug makes it safe and sound and my Graham crackers get stolen by Laurel. I think she gets MVP for the night for ending up with your dog and the graham crackers.

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