Tike Fadula

This week at work ended up being wonderful. I’m finding that I enjoy what I do, I enjoy who I work with, and there’s a lot that’s going on which keeps me busy and the days fly by.

My new, refreshed, enjoyment of my job started a few days ago when I spoke to a guy who we’ll call “Tike Fadula.” Pretty much a great deal of my job is calling people asking for referrals for some of the jobs I am recruiting for. I stumbled on “Tike” at the end of October and LOVED talking with him. He told me about the old Security Pacific Bank (a legend in Southern California Banking…it’s like hearing people talk about the old Brooklyn Dodgers). He’s an Italian New Yorker, a golf lover, father of three, husband of thirty years, and incredibly well networked in banking. He said I sounded nice. So we talked for probably an hour. I’ve had to control my self to not call him for at least a month. So last week I called him again, left three messages and finally on Thursday he called me back. (“You don’t know if I remember you? Remember you, are you kidding? I said that out loud when I heard you say that, my wife asked who I was talking to. I told her it was my girlfriend and she just laughed.“)

I love him. We talked for over an hour again- about how he just got back from Hawaii, about his boys and how they wanted a little girl, about my family, my brothers and sisters, my job and whether or not I like it (“How are they treating ya over there, kiddo? How’s business? Are they treating you good? Are you happy? You let me know, because I know the CEO of Russell Stevens if you ever want to go somewhere else.), about the CEO of one of the major banks I’m recruiting for (“Chris? Ah, he’s a phenominal guy. Good looking too. He used to play football for Harvard, ah he’s a great guy. Tried to steal my top client and threatened to buy me off to get me over there. I told him if I’m moving I’m going through you, cause you’re young and you need the money.”) and the Regional Manager (“Oh Teddy…he’s about 6′ 2″ 270. An old frump. I tell him that to his face, too. He’s the guy you see in the sauna at the gym and you turn your face away.”) He told me why one of the Center Managers was let go after 3 weeks, offered to call two of my candidates for me (“You talk to Tim? He’s a good guy…had a tough year though. And did you talk to Devin? I told him that you are someone he wants to keep in touch with because you never know what’s gonna happen. I’ll give him a call again for ya.”). He told me about “Fadula” family Christmas, about how it took him a year to ask out his wife and he knew he wanted to marry her when he realized she was Italian and her dad was a golf pro, and how he’s surprising her by taking her to San Diego for their 30th anniversary in a few weeks. I told him how I could imagine why he’s so good at what he does- he’s so delightful to talk to I don’t know who wouldn’t want to bank with him (“Really, Beth? Thanks. I tell you what. You call me anytime you want to. No, I’m serious. I’m not busy. Anytime you want to talk you call me. If you’re depressed or someone’s mean, you call me.)

I spent all day Wednesday and yesterday thinking about our conversation. I wish he was my grandpa or uncle or father-in-law. I kinda secretly hope one day I will get invited to the “Fadula” family Christmas. Except then I couldn’t spend Christmas with my own family.

I wish I could describe how wonderful “Tike” is, but you would have to talk to him yourself to know. He’s been so kind to me for no reason.

Anyways, this week was super busy and I have 4 candidates in interviews right now with two going in next week. It was fun doing deals and closing candidates and talking with them and weighing out their options this week and negotiating salaries and comp plans and titles. I really care about my candidates (like wake up thinking and praying for them on the days they have interviews) so it’s nice when the interview process goes well. And it keeps me busy.

Then today my boss gave us all our Christmas gifts ($100 to Pottery Barn on top of the $250 to Pottery Barn Ellen already gave me!!!!) and we had our office Christmas Party at the Social in Newhall. It was so fun. I enjoy being with my coworkers and had a great time sitting around the table laughing, talking, debating, eating, and drinking. It felt like a very adult night. We all hugged and kissed on the cheeks when we said goodbye, like proper adults and Europeans do. At one point I looked around the table and thought– “Is this really my life?” It felt surreal, like a table you glance over at and wonder what their stories are. How did this group of people happen to get together and why are they out together and why do they enjoy each other? But I was in the middle of that table tonight. It was fun.

Now I’m going to go to bed and tomorrow I’ll leave to go to my parent’s house in the Bay Area. And hopefully I’ll be catching up on some blogging, including my conversation on biblical femininity in singleness with Betty Price…..


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