Who I Want To Be

Over the past few days I’ve been thinking of the type of person I want to be. Some of these are silly. Some aren’t. But for some reason they keep popping up in my head:

1. I want to live simply for myself and be outrageously generous towards others.

2. I want to be the type of mom who surprises her kids at school to take them out to lunch for no reason at all.

3.  I want the Word of Christ to dwell in me richly.

4. I want to be good at asking questions and drawing others out in conversations.

5. I want to be distinctively feminine without being annoying, boastful, over the top, or dishonest about who I truly am.

6. I want to be known for my passion and walk with Christ- not for my decorating style, my fashion sense, my hairstyle or any the “things” in my life.

7. I want do labor hard and do everything that I can to make people feel welcome and cared for and included when they visit our Bible Study or are on the fringes….

8. I want to be the type of person who can mismatch things and have them look good. And I want to have more color in my house. (And I hope this doesn’t negate #6)

I think that’s it for now.


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