Birthday Number 24

I turned 24 years old last week. It was a pretty good birthday. I believe it was my mom who wrote “almost two and a half decades” in the birthday card she gave me. That was depressing. It’s weird to think so many birthdays have gone by. But this year it was a good one.

Last weekend my dear friend Esther arrange a little road trip to San Diego, then down to Mexico, with a fun group of friends. We laughed, sang, cooked, observed someone getting arrested, and had an overall great time. My favorite parts: roasting marshmallows on the beach as the cops arrested the couple next to us, coming up with the worst ways to break up with someone over dinner, and getting to talk with Esther on the drive home.

My mom came down this year and we went out to dinner with Amy and Meagan at Wood Ranch on Wednesday night. She gave me my birthday present- new jeans and shirts and a pretty new necklace! Then she took me to my favorite restaurant- Abbey Lane- for breakfast on Thursday morning. It was there that she gave me the gift my sister sent with her- new perfume! My wonderful sister had traced down this scent that I have been looking for for years. I just smell it on people but don’t know what it is and she tracked it down for me! She’s the best.

Then I went into work…blah blah blah. After having lunch with Mama C I brought her back to work and introduced her to the coworkers and my boss gave me the rest of the day off! So we went to the mall to find a winter coat, got some Pinkberry, and finally headed down to the Grove for more shopping. We had dinner at the Farm down there and then headed over to Bible Study where she got to meet so many of the people I’ve told her so much about.

When I woke up on Friday my roommate, Christi, gave me her birthday present- a shirt from Banana Republic. Then my mom and I went to coffee Friday morning before I had to be at work again and she drove back up to the Bay Area. After work on Friday I met up with Christi, Mike, Esther, Bart, Amy, and Meagan for dinner at Stonefire- where I ran into Mike Grisanti, an old friend from college who is living in Chile right now. After dinner Bart, Amy, Esther and I went up to Claim Jumper where Gavin joined us for chocolate chip calzones!! It was so fun to be with friends and all the people I love!

Then, Saturday morning my roommate Christi and I woke up and went garage sale-ing and then to Egg Plantation for breakfast! After that I went and got a manicure and pedicure with the gift card Bart and Amy bought me for my birthday (THANK YOU!) and Amy randomnly showed up because she thought I might be there and we went shopping together. I finally found a winter coat that my parents gave me money to buy for my birthday, and Amy finally found some jeans which we have been looking for for MONTHS! Then we went over to help set up for our friends’ Superbowl party and the couple gave me a Pinkberry gift card!

I love my birthday. I love having it last as long as possible (i.e. a week of celebrations!) This birthday was the perfect combination of all my favorite things and people – my mom, Esther (and her wonderfully hospitable fiance), Team 20 Seconds (even if only in part) Bart & Amy, Christi, Meagan, Wood Ranch, Stonefire, Abbey Lane, Pinkberry, Claim Jumper, Egg Plantation, manicures and pedicures, garage sale-ing, the Grove, and Bible Study. Can life get any better than this?

It’s weird to think that 19 years ago I got a bike and esprit sweat pants. 13 years ago I had a troll birthday party. 10 years ago my group of friends came over to my house and we all played Mario Kart together- my friend Katie got a fat lip right in front of the guy she had a crush on and spent the rest of the night with a pillow over her face. 6 years ago was my first birthday away from home and my parents began their tradition of coming down to Santa Clarita to see me on my birthday. 2 years ago my sister came down with my parents to surprise me and forced me to partake in a 6 step program to healing a broken heart.

All I can say is that God has been kinder to me than words can describe and I can’t wait to see the loving and wise kindness He will show me in the coming year.


2 thoughts on “Birthday Number 24

  1. trolls! i remember those things! and are those peonies (the greatest flower ever) in the picture at the top of your blog?

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