That’s right. Jon Okay really his name is Jon McLaughlin….but he’s I just downloaded his entire Indiana album from iTunes…and have listened to the entire CD over, and over, and over again.

My top picks: Beautiful Disaster, Perfect, Indiana, and Human.

If you’ve never heard of him you MUST check him out!

Really I struggle with liking artists that aren’t very well known. I’ve loved Jon McLaughlin since we were introduced by my dear friend–and avid music lover– Isaiah Kottke my sophomore year of college. Isaiah used to make me CDs of all of these guys that weren’t mainstream– David Ryan Harris, Jon McLaughlin, Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz, Paolo Nutini– which got me into finding underground artists. I started liking Tyrone Wells before he got big and Colbie Caillat back when you could only listen to “Bubbly” on her myspace page.

But back to my problem of liking underground artists. There’s always a sense of disappointment when they get big. It’s like finding out the love of your life is cheating on you with…..30,000 other people. Your love for them becomes cheap, trite, and cliche. I hate that part. I cringe when I hear other people say, “Oh my gosh I totally love this song.” I feel like saying, “You don’t even know him/her….you don’t even know, what we had was special.” I know, it’s silly. But true.

So….I think that’s happening with Jon. He just played at the Academy Awards. Pretty soon we’re going to be hearing “Indiana” over the speakers in the mall. And junior high girls are going to run past gushing about him….and that old familiar feeling is going to creep over me….and I’ll be disappointed but eventually move on to someone else a little less well known.

It’s a hard, hard life I lead. I know. In the meantime you should check out his album. Just remember who loved him first.


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