Changed for Good

This weekend was a good weekend. The past few weeks have been challenging so the weekend was a welcome break. It got off to a fabulous start with a potluck I hosted at my place in honor of leap year (not really, just wanted to have friends over). Allison, Peter, Tara, and Gavin all came over and brought delicious food with them and we just enjoyed each others company until after midnight. I’m thankful for the fellowship we have in our Bible Study. The thought occurred to me this weekend that not all Bible Studies function the way ours does. Not every Bible Study hangs out on a regular basis outside of study. It doesn’t make us better than any other Bible Study– what it means is that God has been incredibly gracious to give us such a precious gift. I know I certainly haven’t done anything to deserve it.

Saturday morning I got to go to Abbey Lane with Christi and talk through a lot of the issues going on in our lives right now. I’m happy we live together. She’s really easy to be with and talk to and I feel like I can completely be myself around her all the time. After breakfast we went to the mall for some shopping and then came back home and hung up pictures and did chores. It felt like the perfect combination of a relaxing and productive Saturday.

Then Saturday night we went to the Grove for dinner at the Farmer’s Market with Team Twenty Seconds (Esther, Rick, Ben, Phil, Becca, Siona, and Adam) and then to see Wicked  (for the 3rd time for me)! What more can I say than: 1) I continue to ADORE every second I spend with that group; 2) I laughed so hard; 3) I LOVE Wicked; 4) I secretly love that we all matched each other without even planning it. The color scheme was perfect. It’s a sign. We were destined to all be friends.


Sunday morning we had early morning prayer at church with our Bible Study and then got to sit in the front row and watch J Mac up close and personal! After church a group of us went to Chipotle and then Bart and Amy and I had our traditional Sunday hangout sesh. We walked around downtown Burbank for awhile, read in Barnes and Noble for awhile, came up to Valencia and got Pinkberry and then headed to the grocery store to get dinner. Then Polly came over for dinner with the three of us and brought with her a delicious chocolate cake!
All in all a wonderful weekend filled with wonderful people and wonderful fun.


One thought on “Changed for Good

  1. I think its pretty safe to say we miss you. Your life sounds great. You’re just so cool, Beth! 🙂 xx
    steven and melis

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