Thoughts from Home

So last week I promised a post on some of my thoughts from my time at home over Easter Weekend. Here it is:

1. I love surprising people. My boss let us off early on Friday so I got to leave Santa Clarita by around 3 putting me in Pleasanton around 7:30, just in time for dinner. Typically when I leave after work I don’t get in until after my dad has already gone to bed and I don’t get to see him until the next morning. So I decided to surprise him for dinner. It was awesome to see his face. He didn’t realize it was me and not my sister until I turned around to face him and he was super surprised. Love it.

2. Since I was working on a paper on the Sufficiency of Scripture at the time, I spent a lot of time talking with my dad about different ways the topic effects real life in the church. We talked about women in leadership, the pastor’s responsibility to shepherd and gaurd his flock, church discipline, psychology and biblical counseling. I love talking with him about all these different things. It spurs on my thinking and fuels my passion for God’s Word.

3. There is so much beauty in the way God designed men and women to complement one another. I’m grateful God didn’t design us the same way. But it makes me sad to see the women in the church who have taken on men’s roles, and the men in the church who have sat back and allowed it to happen. It’s true that many women really have to fight to trust men. There are so many men in this world who have hurt, deceived, failed, and abused women that many women haven’t had an example of what true biblical roles look like so they just ignore them. And thus the cycle continues. I am really thankful to have the family I do. My dad has always been the leader of our home. My mom stayed home to be with us kids and take care of the home. I am thankful for the way my dad loves me and what an example it is to me of what a man should be. He’s a strong man. There’s no doubt about that. He takes care of our family and seems to always have everything together. He pays the bills, he negotiates the deal when we need to buy a car, he gets to church first to save seats, he even sometimes helps fix things around the house (or at least pays for it to get done). During college he would answer my calls during meetings just to make sure everything was okay. (“Lizzy B Precious?” “Hey Daddy!” “What do you need?” “Nothing I just wanted to say Hi.” “Well I’m in the middle of a meeting.” “Oh, well why did you answer your phone?” “I’ll call you back.”) He’s incredibly wise and thinks clearly and helps me to think clearly about things that are murky in my mind. I have always felt protected, taken care of, provided for, and loved by him. And I know he’s always sacrificed a great deal for me. There are days he will call and leave a message on my voicemail to say, “I just wanted to hear your voice to remember why I go to work every day.” He always tells me how proud he is of me, how much he loves me. He cares about the silliest things in my life (“How’s your love life going?” “It’s not, dad.”) He prays for me and with me. Just on Saturday I called asking him for advice and he really helped. But he was really honest in telling me what I was doing wrong in the situation. He prayed with me before we got off the phone. I appreciated it. The next day he called just to make sure he hadn’t been too harsh with me and to make sure he had been helpful. Even though he’s a strong man he’s learned to be gentle (strength under control) and loving with his girls (most of the time- the man’s not perfect). In return it’s not hard to respect, love and serve him and heed his counsel. All that to say- my relationship with him has given me a vision for what God designed men and women to be and how to function. When both parties function in their respective roles it’s beautiful. The unfortunate thing is that this doesn’t happen very often.

4. I really truly believe that your soulmate should be someone you dress like. I showed up to my sister’s house on Saturday night and we were wearing the same thing- jeans, flip flops, and she was wearing an olive green shirt and I an olive green hoodie. Coincidence? I think not. More like kindred spirits.

5. I love rock band. Caris and I spent most of Saturday night playing it and it was so fun. I love being able to play the drums and have it sound that good but love having a sister like her more.

6. My talks with my dad made me thankful for Grace Community. I realized how amazingly well it functions as a church. My dad would ask me what do they do about this or that, and I was surprised that I always had an answer. I’m thankful for John and his shepherd’s heart for us and that even though he travels all over the world his favorite place to speak is at Grace Community on a Sunday morning. I’m thankful that the body can serve together to put on a conference like Shepherd’s. I’m thankful that the church becomes small through fellowship groups and bible studies. I’m thankful that every Sunday one of the bible studies in Crossroads gathers together to pray for the service and that the elders gather together to pray before church as well. I’m thankful that the sermons are biblical and the leadership is trustworthy. I’m thankful there are people who are not only willing but also able to counsel and disciple. For all of its flaws and the flaws of the people in it, it’s an incredibly well-functioning body.

7. I love the smell of Nordstroms. Everytime you walk in hits you like a wave of absolute goodness. It’s like going home. My mom thinks this is sad. My sister’s exact quote was, “It’s like an oxygen mask.” Where my sister and I came from I do not know….but we certainly didn’t learn it from our mother.

I think this post is long enough. Sorry for the swing fest. Gotta get to work for now.


One thought on “Thoughts from Home

  1. Your dad sounds too perfect. I’m sure you must be making some of this up, but I’m sure he appreciates your sanctified imagination for imagining such a wonderful relationship when those of us who know him well know what a jerk he can be. Still I know he loves you to death.

    Love, Dad

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