Low Personal Cost

“God has designed our relationships to function as both a diagnosis and a cure. When we are frustrated and ready to give up, God is at work, revealing the places where we have given in to a selfish agenda (the diagnosis). He then uses that new awareness to help us grow precisely where we have struggled (the cure)….

We enter relationships for personal pleasure, self-actualization, and fun. We want low personal cost and high self-defined reutrns. But God wants high personal cost and high God-defined returns. And although we frequently disagree with God, his plan is better.”

– Tim Lane & Paul Tripp, Relationships: A Mess Worth Making

I’ve kept Tim Lane & Paul Tripp’s book in my purse for the last few weeks as a “spare time” read. I’ve already read it once, but figured it would be a good refresher so I keep it in my bag for any spare moments where I am just sitting somewhere waiting. This morning I was sitting at the eye doctor and had a few minutes….but it was almost as if I knew I would read something completely devastating to my mindset. So I hesitated to pull it out. I waited awhile before I pulled it out and started reading. I didn’t have much time left. Only enough to read that paragraph.

Dangit. There goes everything I spent so much time thinking this morning.

Note to self: Don’t carry around a book about messy interpersonal relationships unless you intend to get dirty.


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