Good News

I have multiple items of good news today! Just thought I’d share them with you….

1. My friend Laura Jamie (formerly Beaty) is coming in two weeks!!!! I am so excited for her to come visit. I don’t really know how to describe exactly what this feels like. In college I was good friends with Laura’s little brother, and then my senior year she moved onto my wing a few weeks into the first semester. I had NO idea what a dear friend she would become. After graduation she moved to Washington with her husband, Brett. So since then our relationship has consisted of scattered phone calls and google chats, a visit up to Washington and several short hang out sessions when she is visiting her family in Simi Valley. Laura is incredibly normal and yet amazingly wonderful. There are so many things I love and admire in her, but one of the things I appreciate about her is that our friendship never seems to change. Every time we talk it feels the same as if she popped her head into my dorm room to chat when we were seniors in college. We can just pick up right where we left off– which is really quite amazing for only about a year of normal friendship and two years of long distance. All that to say, since I am in San Fran she thought it’d be fun to come and visit for a weekend. So she is!!! I can’t wait!

2. I found a Pinkberry knockoff in Dublin called Blush. It just opened yesterday. It’s not quite the same, but enough to ward off the withdrawls for another month.

3. I have been looking for a certain kind of plate for two years. When I lived with Kathy I decided it was a brilliant idea to have salad plates that you can use for small, individual meals or parties, etc. The key is that the plate had to be: A) Neutral so as to be able to work for a variety of events/themes; B) The perfect size. Too small (like a dessert plate) wouldn’t work and too big (like a dinner plate) also wouldn’t work. You would think this would be easy, but just trust me- it isn’t. C) $1 or less. I just decided I wasn’t going to pay over a dollar per plate. Because then you are at $3 a plate, and once you are at $3 a plate, why not pay $4 for something you really like…and when you want to put these plates in mass quantity…$4 a plate is pricey. D) There had to be more than 12 of these plates available. There were rare instances that I would find a great plate….but there would only be two of them. So with all these stipulations, it’s taken me awhile. But then, on Tuesday I FOUND THEM! My mom and I drove past a thrift store that was having a moving sale. Everything in the store was 50% off so I convinced my mom to go in despite her resistance (”But what do you need? What are you looking for? Why do you need to go in here?”). And there…in the back of the store….were 21 majestic off white plates. The perfect size. The color matches the rest of my dishes perfectly. Heavy duty. And priced at $1 each. So with the discount I got 21 plates for $10.50!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I still pick them up and hold them and just admire them. I can’t believe they are really mine.


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