Happy Father’s Day!

I have been meaning to write a poem about my dad for a long while now, and today seemed to be the perfect day to give it to him. This doesn’t do him justice, there’s so many more stanzas that could be written about what a good dad he has been to me and how I’ve come to trust God so much more because of him.

For All You’ve Sacrificed

It must seem like yesterday
That in His mysterious and wondrous way
The God of all grace saw fit to add
To your family of two and make you a dad
Then three became four and you had a pair
A son and a daughter entrusted to your care.
But two wasn’t enough for you and your bride
So another little girl turned four into five.
Days turned to months and months to years
As your children have grown before your eyes
And your family, a blessing in disguise,
Has become a fruitful, blossoming tree,
A trophy of grace for all to see
God’s favor to men who don’t deserve
But who seek to honor and treasure His Word.

This story would end much differently
If one man had not lived faithfully
To his Lord and his calling to be
A husband and father, a man of God,
A leader, provider, and hero though flawed.
And so we come to honor today
A father who put our Savior on display
So we could see in tangible ways
And vibrant hues the One to whom
We’ve given up our very lives.
Thank you for all you’ve sacrificed
So we would know the love of Christ.

I know Him to be powerful to change
Because I’ve seen
My daddy is a different man
Than when our family first began
Molded by the strong hand of God
Into a man who is generous, wise, and understands
That God is the treasure, the satisfaction, the end
And that everything else points to Him.

I know He is generous, good, and kind,
Because I trust
My Daddy has my best in mind,
And only worries that he might
Have spoiled me in his good intentions.
So with great confidence I believe
That God Almighty would never be
Guilty of withholding good from me.

I’m sure He sees, knows, and cares
Because I trust
My Daddy offers earnest prayers
About my young, unsettled days
And desires that I know God’s ways
And from this example I can see
That God’s care and concern for me
Far surpasses that of man and He
Has seen my failings and wanderings
And has compassion in the smallest things.

I know God’s love is strong and endures
Because I trust
My Daddy when he calls
Just to listen to my voice and know
Why he goes to work every day.
And I’m sure no matter what I do,
No matter what I put him through
His love is unwavering and relentless.
Such confidence in a sinful man
Makes me wonder at how much
More that can be true of
The Father’s perfect and lavish love.

Time would fail to tell of all the stories
Of how you’ve displayed
God’s grace and glory,
Of all the ways you’ve sacrificed
And shown so clearly the love of Christ.

-Lizzy B Precious
June 15, 2008


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