A Taste of the Summer

This summer as taken a turn for the wonderful and the past few weeks have been full of visits from precious people in my life. As always with out of town guests, that means a lot of sightseeing. So I figured I’d give you a little taste.

Last week a friend’s wedding brought Gavin, who goes to my Bible Study, up north, so he stopped by the Catron Casa on one of the days he had free in between wedding obligations. I took him to the Marin Headlands (the area on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge) and we explored around the old war batteries, some of the walking trails, the Point Bonita Lighthouse, and even found a beautiful black sand beach! Then we went shopping and did some people watching in Union Square. “Fun day” doesn’t really begin to describe it, but I suppose it will have to do. Here is a view of the City from where we were:

That night my friends Bart and Amy (aka B&A) came into town. By the time they arrived Gavin had left and we hopped right into the hot tub and talked until around 12:30 or 1 am. We woke up the next morning and went to breakfast at Vic’s Cafe with Gavin (they hadn’t seen him since before he left for France a few weeks before) and had a great time together before Gavin left again and B&A and I headed off to Half Moon Bay. It was a horrendously hot weekend up here, and unfortunately everybody else thought it would be brilliant to go to Half Moon Bay as well so we spent much of the afternoon in traffic and trying to find a parking spot at one of the beaches. When we finally got down to the beach we spread out a blanket, fell asleep, and once we woke up decided to head back to my parent’s house for dinner with the fam. One of the best things about the summertime in Pleasanton is family BBQs with Gene’s Tri Tip– I’m glad B&A got to partake! They left after church and lunch with the fam the next day. Our time together was far too short but fortunately we will be reunited in just a few weeks when I head back down to Southern California to move into Dixon. I’m really thankful they came. I can’t put into good words how precious their friendship is to me. Let’s just say they are a rare couple. Their lives are dedicated to other people. And I don’t think I had any friends I depended on or turned to when I needed help until they came into my life. They are a constant source of refreshment to me.

Tuesday my sister and brother-in-law left for a wedding in Indiana, Wednesday my dad left for business in Tuscon, and Thursday my friend Laura Jaime came from Washington for a GIRLS WEEKEND! The first morning we woke up and Laura came and crawled into my bed and we just laughed and laughed together. Laura is so easy and fun to be with. Our conversations weave in and out of fashion, decorating, taking jokes too far, relationships, families, the Lord, the lost, shopping, and inside jokes. She’s a rare jewel of a friend (and I’m finding that in the world there are few friendships like this, in my life the Lord has been kind to give me quite a few). We went to Santana Row on Friday (the Grove of the North- I LOVE IT) and did some serious shopping. Here’s just a glimpse of the beauty of this shopping center:

Yesterday we spent the day in Sausalito and then had dinner in North Beach in the City (aka Little Italy)! It was a wonderful day and we had quite the fun time taking pictures together. At one point in my visit to the City last week we got lost and ended up in this adorable little town. It was breathtaking, but I didn’t want to get out and walk around because I wanted to save it and bring Laura back there! I am so glad I went with her. She appreciated the beauty of it just as much as I did and we had a great time just looking at different things and meandering into little shops that we didn’t really want anything from. All in all it was a great weekend and I’m glad she made the trip down here. Here’s a couple of shots from beautiful Sausalito:

PTL for dear friends and for beautiful cities and for good conversations and lots of laughter!


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