What Would Make My Life Easier

Multiple times a day I think of things that individuals and/or companies should come up with that would make my life easier. I know, I know…you’re envisioning the Sky Mall catalogue and thinking, “Do we really need more stuff??” Believe me. These would make my (and your) life easier.

Ironic that I am blogging this from my parent’s house in Pleasanton with nothing to do for 6 weeks straight. One might think that life couldn’t really get any easier. While it’s true that my life hasn’t been this easy and carefree in a long time, you have to keep in mind that with nothing to do everyday, you have a lot of time to think. So it appears that the easier your life is, the more time you have to come up with ways to make it easier.

Don’t worry people. This won’t last forever.

1. Mattresses that have buttons on the bottom for both your fitted and top sheets. Imagine the hassle this would take out of making the bed in the morning! Linen distributors have used buttons for years to keep our down comforters inside our duvet covers….why not throw some on each corner so you can button down your fitted sheet (and not have to deal with the ever promising, never delivering little elastic things that are supposed to make your sheets stay put)? And they could add 3 or 4 across the bottom you can at least button down the bottom of the top sheet. The brilliance of this is that they could ALSO sell sheets that go with the mattress, thus increasing their profits and for those of you who like your sheets loose, you can just opt out of using the buttons.

2. Retractable cords on everything. Okay, so I know that retractable cords have technically already been invented….but why aren’t we finding these little gifts-o-glory on everything? You’re telling me that the company that created my $10 hair blow dryer has technology that Dyson Vacuums has yet to discover? Highly dubious. Come on, if I’m going to pay $500 for a vacuum, or $300 for a coffee machine, or $100 for an iron you better believe I want a retractable cord on that puppy! In this day and age…it’s a travesty that this has not already been accomplished.

3. A TBA handbag design. It must be kept confidential because my sister and I are planning on designing them. As soon as we find ourselves a plastic distributor….

4. Pinkberry, Stonefire, and Main Street Grill in Northern California! Again, I suppose these things have already been invented…but have yet to be brought to the Bay Area. Someone must put an end to this.

5. Dress shoes in a size 12 that have less than a 3 inch heel. I mean…really. You think a woman that wears a size 12 needs to be 3+ inches taller? Who is coming up with this stuff?

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll keep you posted as the brilliant ideas keep coming…


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