Why I Love The Master’s College

I moved back into the dorms at The Master’s College last Sunday. This time I moved by boxes and suitcases into the Resident Director’s apartment in Dixon Hall and have spent the last week unpacking, cleaning, purchasing, and catching up with old friends. I’ve also had some time to think, now that I am living alone, and have come up with a few reasons why I love this place and am positively ecstatic to be back.

1. I love the smell of the dorms in the summertime before the rest of the students arrive. Having served on Servant Leadership Staff for 3 years at the college during my undergrad, I got to come back to school earlier than the rest of the students every year. I love the way it smells. I know, I know….I was born for this.

2. The people here are phenominal. I’ve been amazed and incredibly humbled since the moment I stepped into my apartment by the people who create the community that makes this college what it is. I arrived to a note from the Dean’s, a potted flower from my friend Cindi (who happens to be married to one of the new Deans of the school), and a fridge stocked with the basics and a countertop full of goodies for my pantry. Incredibly thoughtful. Awhile later Esther Ko Dennis (one of my best friends, new next door neighbor and colleague) dropped by with her new husband, Rick, with a tote full of cleaning supplies for my new apartment and four willing hands to help. The three of us rearranged furniture, moved some large items out of my room, and then headed over to my old apartment where they helped pack up a ton of my stuff. It should be noted that they had to drive down to San Diego that night and that I eventually had to kick them out of my apartment so they would get on the road! The next few days were full of kind, thoughtful, sacrificial gestures from various people. Cindi helping me drive around L.A. to find various apartment necessities. Joe Keller and Siona dropping by with a welcoming pineapple. People coming over to help and to hang out. Today another fellow RD sacrificed his Saturday morning to come over and help me hang pictures. I can’t believe these people– but I’m thankful to be at a place where I’m surrounded like people like this whose lives ooze over with the love of Christ.

3. What’s not to like about a small Christian school? I read this article tonight In Defense of the “Small Christian College” and couldn’t agree more! Bigger is not better. Smaller = more community, opportunity, and still plenty of friends to go around!

4. The close proximity in which I get to live to some of my favorite people. I know this kind of goes along with 2 and 3, but hasn’t been explicitely mentioned. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday I made the long drive around the block to Cindi’s house. I didn’t have to leave 15 minutes to get there. Monday night Siona came over with Joe. Wednesday night I went over to his place. Thursday I picked Jackie Knapp up from the airport and went over to her place before heading home. Yesterday I walked up the ramp that connects my apartment to Esther’s. We came home late from “dinner” and they dropped me right off at my doorstep and this morning I walked up again for breakfast after picking up some Starbucks for us. Literally we are steps away from each other. I LOVE IT!

5. Two words: Plant Ops. If something breaks, they fix it. End of story.

6. It feels like summer camp all year round. If you look out my windows you see pine trees. If you walk to my door you’ll come up to a big brown building surrounded by grass and trees. If you go to the laundry room it smells EXACTLY like a camp laundry room. Again, this life isn’t for everyone but it sure is perfect for me.

That’s all I have for now. Just wait until this place is full of girls. I can’t wait!


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