Just to Recap…

Alright, so August has been what I would call “insane.” I warned some of you I probably wouldn’t do much blogging…try none. So here’s a quick update of what’s been going on:

August 1-3 I was at a family reunion up in Cambria. It’s been a long time since all of us cousins and aunts and uncles have been together and it was so refreshing. Being with the cousins again made me feel like a little girl. I love my aunts and uncles and the fam and we had a great time together. Plus, it was great to see my parents and sister and brother-in-law, although the brother and sister-in-law couldn’t make it.

August 4 I started RD retreat. The team of 8 RDs here at the college (minus one who was still on a missions trip but greatly missed) plus the men’s and women’s deans headed up to Three Rivers. We stayed in a cabin there, laughed a lot, explored the sequoias and the river (hence, Three Rivers), spent time talking through vision, planning for the coming year, praying together, worshipping, and eating. When I was interviewing for the position they asked me what was one thing I was looking forward to about the team, to which I answered “Laughing together.” My every hope and dream was answered on the trip. It was a good time to be together and I was really thankful for the way Gunner lead us. It just wasn’t overwhelming and we had time to process and pray about all that we were given to think about so I actually left feeling more prepared instead of more overwhelmed. We returned from that on Friday, helped Karrie, the new dean of women, move into her place on Saturday, and then….

Sunday, August 10 the Resident Assistants came and we began RA retreat! The RAs are students at the college who have been chosen to oversee one wing of girls in the dorms. They oversee a small leadership staff as well. I have 4 RAs and it was a good time to get to know them. The girls are refreshingly real and were impressively comfortable together. The first few weeks can be tough as the girls certainly could put pressure on themselves to be something more than what they are, but my girls were very honest and didn’t seem to try to impress anyone by being anything else than what they are. Which I was thankful for. We have a great team and I’m excited to see what the year holds for all of us. RA retreat ended on Saturday and I got a half day off to go to a Dodger’s game and then….

The Servant Leadership Staff came on Sunday! Sunday morning I booked it from church to get back for the SLS meeting in Hotchkiss after which we promptly hopped into our cars and drove out to Palm Springs. By this point I was full swing into a summertime cold and spend most of the trip sniffling and coughing. I was out of commission all day Monday but got to enjoy Tuesday and Wednesday with the team. They are great girls and we heard from Joe Keller on the exco-centric (I think?) Christian Life, essentially living for others instead of ourselves. That retreat ended on Friday and then…

The new students came on Saturday morning! So bright and early we began WOW (Week of Welcome) by checking all of the new students into the dorm. The week was supposed to be a little bit more relaxed, but all in all I’ve still been pretty busy. Sunday I went to a pool party at a couple from my bible study’s house, Tuesday night was a luau in which all of the RDs dressed up as old people on a cruise (I wore a mu mu, red visor hat, red lipstick, and ugly sandals and called myself Margret and morphed into a bossy old Southern mama), yesterday we spent all day at the beach and then had a dorm celebration, and tonight we had a ho down where we dressed up as beauty queens, followed by the Master’s Cup! Dixon, unfortunately, came in second to last place but we looked good doing it! Then we all went to Jack in the Box to celebrate our underwhelming performance and my tire blew out on the way over. So…after two AAA trucks and a good time of getting to know some of the girls in the dorm, I’m finally back in my apartment.

Tomorrow all of the returning students come and that will cap off August. I’ve written a lot already, but if you’re still reading I’ll share with you what I’m learning and feeling.

1. I love what I do. I think this is what work is supposed to feel like. It is hard and tiring…but often I don’t realize that until I’m done. I go to bed at night tired and sleep well for the most part. I enjoy the days but am thankful when they are over. Mostly, I feel like I am exactly where God wants me and it gives me a sense of invincibility. Not that I’m not weak, not that I’m adequate to do this job…but that no matter how hard the days are and no matter what faces me, this is where God wants me and He will not leave or forsake me. That’s enough.

2. Old habits die hard and old truths are constantly reviving. This morning I was praying through Philippians 4 and found myself thinking back on how many times I’ve prayed through that passage. Many times I’ve gone back to it but the truth of rejoicing in Christ, being able to be strong but controlled because God is near, not being anxious but instead bringing my supplications with Thanksgiving to God, asking for God’s peace that passes all understanding to guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus….those truths still pierce me and convict me over and over again. God’s Word is pretty impressive with how new it always seems no matter how long you’ve been reading it for.

3.God is really, incredibly, insanely good and does not withhold any good thing from those who walk uprightly (which, through Christ, includes me). I’ve been astounded with what a wonderfully amazing life God has given me. I often wonder how I got this life. I’m thankful for all that God has given me at this point, and thankful that He’s given me so much that I am overwhelmed enough to have to turn to Him for help. Often we can take God’s good gifts and forget about God. We take the gift and ignore the Giver. Fortunately God has made it so that He has given me a lot of good things, but without His help I couldn’t manage it all so I am forced to be dependent on Him. His timing is perfect.

Welp, folks, that’s all. I need to go to bed. Until next time…


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