A Month in Pictures

Well, seeing as I didn’t have much time to write in August I figured I would post some pictures because they say it’s worth 1,000 words. Hopefully this’ll make up for my astounding MIA-ness in the blogging world.

My precious cousin Emma and I at the family reunion at the beginning of August.

Another pic with some of the cousins (from L to R: Stancy, me, Caris, Casey, and Erin) at the family reunion.

That would be me, Beth Catron, Resident Director.

My precious R.A. team (L to R: Breezie, Jeannette, Amy, Anna)!

Dodger’s Game with fireworks after!

WOW- All the RDs dressed up as Senior Citizen’s on a cruise for the Luau!

…And our second brilliant costumes of the week, Beauty Queens for the Ho Down! I was Miss Georgia Peach Princess!

Prepping for the Master’s Cup in our dorm color, Yellow.

Breakfast with all of my RAs but one to celebrate the end of WOW!

And finally my sister and brother-in-law came down and we went to Disneyland for the day and even got to have dinner at the Blue Bayou…a dream come true for Caris.

All in all a very eventful, very blessed month. Onto September!


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