CERT Failure

So Thursday I was scheduled to begin taking a CERT (Certified Emergency Response Training) Class which I need to complete for my job. I’ve been awaiting (not necessarily looking forward to, but awaiting) this since I started in August. And this is the story of how Thursday went.

Wednesday night I was up until about 1 after a late night dating advice session. So Thursday morning came rather early. I set my alarm for 7:30 to be safe….which got pushed to 7:50. I figured it typically takes me about 20 minutes to get down to Northridge so if I left by 8:30 I would have time to get there and find the class just in time. So I thought I had plenty of time. I left my place at 8:33.

On the way down I hit a wee bit of traffic and decided to get off on Balboa and take the side streets to bypass any traffic I may have hit on the 405. I did this a few weeks ago and it worked out brilliantly. Not so this time. As soon as I got off I knew it was a big mistake. But I didn’t know how big.

After I realized I made this mistake I realized I had already made another mistake. I forgot to look up directions before I left. I looked up the address and saw it was on Nordhoff and because I knew the street I didn’t look up the directions because of the late wake up time that morning. And as I was stopped on the off ramp I realized that I didn’t know where Cal State Northridge was. Nor did I know the quickest way to get there from Balboa.

45 minutes later I was racing down Balboa trying to get to Cal State Northridge as soon as possible. That’s right, 45 minutes later. It ended up taking me about an hour to get to the campus. As I drove down Nordhoff I saw a sign for CSUN. Cal State University Northridge. Ah-ha. It was then that I realized that CSUN and Cal State Northridge are one and the same. You see, I always thought they were different schools so while I knew where CSUN was…I didn’t know that was the school I was looking for. That would have been helpful to know. Sometimes I surprise myself with my stupidity. I mean, I seem to be competent and semi-intelligent….but then things like this happen and I wonder how I get through life every day?

So I pull into campus and, of course, they charge $5 to park and only take cash. Really? So the guard directs me to a parking garage where I can pay with my check card. I drive around the campus waiting for pedestrians to cross the street every 35 feet or so and finally make it to the garage. I pay for a parking pass and head to the very top, find myself an open spot, and head toward the library with my campus map in hand. I’m sure I looked like a complete and utter fool.

I finally get to the library about 10 am. An hour and a half after I began my trek. I go to the information desk and ask the guy where the CERT class is meeting just praying that they will let me in. He says he has no idea and makes a phone call for me. I hear him on the phone saying, “Hi….I have a lady here who is looking for the CERT class….do you know where it is?…Oh, really? It’s on Wednesdays?” He covers the phone and turns to me, “Sorry, but the class was yesterday.” I’m sure I just looked dumbfounded. “Are you sure it was today?” “Yeah, I’m sure,” I said. “She says she’s sure it is today,” he said back into the phone. “Well, then I guess you’re both sure,” and shortly after hung up. A few minutes later a stocky lady walked up and showed me the schedule and sure enough, the CERT class is scheduled for every Wednesday morning from 9-12 from now until Thanksgiving.

So I left and headed back to my car. At some point it occurred to me that I was surprised I wasn’t crying. It just seemed like one of those things that should make you realize what a failure you are and how incompetent you are and how out of control your life is. But I was honestly more relieved that I wasn’t late to my first class. And somewhere around 11 am I rolled back into the Master’s College having accomplished absolutely nothing.

There you have it. I have no idea how my life continues to be the way that it is. But at least it keeps things from getting boring around here?


3 thoughts on “CERT Failure

  1. wow, CSUN? why have CERT so far? and at least you didn’t double book chapel band…yeah, i understand the life being out of control part. why? i don’t know either.

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